“Your average American is convinced he could solo a grizzly bear with nothing but a hunting knife.”

This post was by Soullite on the GoodFeed blog post by Tom Matlack “Is the Scandinavian Economic Model Better?

[Is the Scandinavian Economic Model Better?] Yes. They take care of their people, while we’re a nation of scammers always seeking to get one over on each-other.

I’d actually say the problem runs a bit deeper than mere economics. We’re dealing with a very different psychology. Nordics, for all their problems, understand what human beings are: cooperative animals that can’t survive without a very strong and supportive society. They get that people need each other on a very basic level. Your average American man is convinced he could solo a grizzly bear with nothing but a hunting knife; he won’t accept that he needs anyone else. Your average American woman will look down on him if he thinks any differently (in her eyes, she should be the only think he needs).

I don’t even know how you fix that.


photo: kro-media / flickr

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  2. HAHA, this is true on so many levels.

    Heck, I was reading it in Bill Maher’s voice.

    I know the Nordic model doesn’t work well in America, and I shouldn’t expect it to.

    But that’s why I just plan on leaving and going to Scandinavia, anyway.

  3. Thats actually one of my dreams, to be able to solo a bear. But I’d settle for a black bear and I don’t want a knife. I know I can’t do it yet but hey it could happen 😉

    Why do we need to fix this?

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