A Year-End Reflection on a Tragedy

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About Ben Dumas

Ben is a senior at Hastings College in Nebraska where he currently resides. He will graduate in May with Bachelors degrees in Religion and Peace, Justice, & Social Change. He is a soon-to-be-married music addict/theology enthusiast/social critic/youth director who dabbles in preaching, loves to write, and wants to change the world one ounce of hope at a time.


  1. You’re a good man, Ben.

  2. Thanks Joss! Appreciate your reading!

  3. Lead this next generation into a kinder world, Ben! That was beautifully written.

  4. I am very fortunate to work with Ben at Grace UMC. He is our Youth Director. Ben is a remarkable young man and this article just proves it. Great job, Ben – very proud of you for writing this.

  5. Very well done. Think you summed up many a persons feelings.

  6. Ben, this is a stunning piece. With men like you coming up in our world, we may actually have a chance of making this change. And there are many others (men and women, like me) who will be right there with you.

    • Thanks Jo! I appreciate your support and look forward to moving forward with you and the others who feel the same as we do. Together, we can make a change.

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