Gun Violence and My Autistic Brother

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  1. John Weeast says:

    When someone lashes out, there’s always a trigger that caused the lash out. My mother contracted Lymes disease that went misdiagnosed for years that led to thryoid issues. Over the years I’ve seen her reactions to different types of medications and at times she was severely depressed or severely moody and lashed out irrationally at times. We all have bad days where we can get cranky, but you’re seeing more and more medically induced behavior issues. My grandfather has alzheimer’s and his most recent meds made him not want to eat, not have any will to do anything but lay in bed and die. And the strangest thing is it’s listed as a known side effect. Along with him lashing out and being mad at everyone, simply reducing his dosage at the doctor’s suggestion completely changed his moods for the better.

    When you have medications that plainly list suicidal and violent behavior or thoughts as a known side effect, you have to take blame when they do what you know they’re capable of doing. When 90% of school shootings are all linked to the shooter being on, or abruptly stop taking the meds with these side effects, you can’t pass the blame on what you gave them the medication for. Every single one of these shooters wanted to die. They also didn’t want to go alone.

    I think it’s disgusting that this is being blamed on autism or any particular mental illness. There needs to be more treatment options and better mental health initiatives, but not because they are all violent, but because it’s gone unchecked for far too long. Our medical field is pushing the act of medicating the symptoms instead of treating the illness and it’s led to suicide being the #1 cause of death in the country. And it’s not just those with autism or those that are bipolar, but it’s also a problem with our troops coming home with PTSD as well. We need to tell those that represent us that we aren’t ok with side effects as dangerous as potential suicide.

    When I was a child, a suicide was attempted every 6 seconds. In the military, they remove your shoelaces and keep you on 24-hour watch if you even mention suicide. Today, they give you a pill and tell you to contact them if you have suicidal thoughts. And they wonder why these things happen. Unless they’re prepared to keep the people they hand these medications too under close watch, they should be held liable when they’re linked to these violent crimes. But the media would rather demonize those like your brother because those Pharma companies run commercials 24/7 on their networks. Even if someone on these pills doesn’t murder anyone else other than themselves, it’s a crime that they’re getting away with on a daily basis.

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