News: A Komplicated Resurrection: Declaring Independence for Bastille Day 2012


The following is a first person editorial.

Of the many, many things you could do … please … don't call it a comeback.

A little over a month ago, I wrote a farewell of sorts as changing priorities and financial realities meant that Komplicated needed to, essentially, stop running. At three updates per day, with diminishing support for advertising, it was becoming a loss leader.

This wasn't welcome news for many — Khalil Asadullah (who, for his own reasons, has decided to be known exclusively as Spo Da Chozn 1 was determined to keep doing stories. Senior wrestling correspondent Julian Smith kept up with The Thump, and senior gaming correspondent Akil Henry still had things to say. Of course, senior media correspondent Vince Moore kept Blackwatch going, spotlighting Black people in pop culture, our most tireless soldier.

However, the voice that was most urgent in resisting Komplicating going gently into that good night was Thaddeus Howze, who was going to be the cornerstone of a new weekend fiction initiative. Thaddeus put us in contact with the fine people at The Good Men Project. With a little haggling, the flick of a PDF signature and a deluge of emails, a deal was struck and Komplicated was reborn … sort of.

Will we be updating three times a day? No. That's freaking exhausting. Will we be bringing back every feature? No. Again, exhausting. We'll be resuming discussions with contributors and content partners to see what we can bring back. This will be a gradual process, chronicled in real time on our Twitter feed and Facebook page. We appreciate your interest and playing along.  Keep your eye out, it'll look like this …

… and I'm so grateful to the people carrying the torch and keeping the lights on.

Oh. Before we forget, … just one more thing …

Starting September 2012, Komplicated will begin operations as a digital publisher. By the way.

The first product available will be …

CROWN-COVER… a rerelease of my first novel, The Crown: Ascension with three bonus chapters focusing on characters in the book (James Edwards, Tonya Fitzgerald and Damian Dare), a chapter from a book that'll be released in December (which we'll note shortly) and the first chapter from the sequel, The Crown: Rise and Fall. Yes, that means five extra chapters added to the … 24? 24 chapters that are already there. Is it 24 chapters? It's been a while …

For people who can show proof they bought the first book during its initial release, they can get an additional freebie emailed to them just because we're cool like that.

Then, in December 2012 …

FARAWAY-COVERFaraway, a science fiction prison novel set in 2036, set in the same fictional universe as The Crown. It will feature fourteen chapters as well as a bonus chapter from a third book slated for a 2013 release.  Both feature new covers designed by Myshell Tabu.

These two books are completely written and edited, so the release is not in danger at all.  Feels good to be that far ahead of the game.

So there you … oh … hang on, there's just one more thing …

In May 2013, both as print and day-and-date digital releases from Black Inc. Imprints (a division of Hometown Productions), the first issue of Menthu: The Anger of Angels will be released with art by Robert Roach and Larry Wells with Corey Greene on colors.

Menthu is a superhero based on the gods of ancient Egypt, and when his popularity begins to swell in his hometown of Los Angeles, it attracts some decidedly unwanted attention that has dire consequences for the city and the spiritual world. There will be preview art … oh, how about just one page of pencils and letters, just to whet your appetite?

Menthu-AA01-Pg06LOkay, for real, done now.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Really. Today.

Here we go!

[Source: Black Inc. Imprints, Myshell Tabu]



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