A Man in a Woman’s World: Being a Substitute Teacher

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About Brandon Ferdig

Brandon Ferdig is writer from Minneapolis, MN. He shares his personal growth pieces, human interest stories, and commentary at his blog. He is currently writing a book titled New Plateaus in China, a compilation of travelogue, personal experience, human interest, and social observations from China. You can follow Brandon on Twitter @brandonferdig.


  1. JoAnne Dietrich says:

    We definitely need more male preschool and elementary teachers. Children would benefit from having more male role models and caregivers.

  2. Get some of those MRA jerkfaces in there, you know, the ones that talk about how women make them do jobs that get them maimed and killed. This looks like a much better option, and maybe they will lose that massive chip on their shoulder.

  3. John Schtoll says:

    @MsAttack: Pot meet Kettle.

  4. nice article brandon

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