Geoffrey Canada and ‘Reaching Up for Manhood’

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  1. To make matters even worse, the feminist movement piles on by constantly claiming that all men, including the poores men of color, enjoy “male privilege”, which works to increase their disenfranchisement, disadvantage, and marginalization.

    • And to make matters even worse, people like Eric (so as not to lump people together into misleading statements like “the feminist movement”) tend to oversimplify the intersection of identities such as race, gender, and class…

      Moderator’s Note: Please refrain from aiming accusations at individual posters.

      • Right on queue. . .a personal attack.

        Which, once again, illustrates how the feminist movement never backs off in ignoring (and hence increasing) the obvious struggles of many black males, including them in their “male privilege” theory. Fact is, in feminist theories and arguments, the most uprivileged black males are lumped in with wall street big shots and high powered CEOs because they happen to be male.

        • Julie Gillis says:

          I’m not entirely sure what the poster above was aiming for, but my understanding of intersectionality is that people can hold different privileges in different contexts. This allows for all kinds of differentiation, and shows why I as a white woman would have more priv. than a black man at a given context. He might have more in a different set up.

          Regardless of if you believe it, which I assume you don’t, most of the feminists that I know (many are academics) do not lump groups together, but examine how those intersections work to keep the majority of the groups at odds with each other.

          • I have never (Ever. Literally.) seen feminists who liberally use the term “male privilege” parse it to specify that it excludes any males, even the most disenfranchised.  Instead, they use term to broad brush all males as having a birth-right advantage (privilege) over all females, regardless of the fact that majority females statistically enjoy far more advantages as compared to minority males, in measurable, non-subjective ways.  
            If they honestly believed in “intersectionality” and weren’t just using the term as a hammer, they would liberally also use the term “white female privilege.”  But, they don’t.

            • Julie Gillis says:

              Well, all I can say is you don’t have exposure to a wider group of feminists, much as I didn’t have exposure to a wide range of MRA and other men’s rights folks prior to coming here. I’ve had to reconsider my views, and I’ve done so. I’m a feminist who speaks about intersectionality. I exist. I don’t use words as hammers either. ;)

              You don’t have to give me any credit, and I don’t expect you will, but I do exist.

            • This was not meant to be personal toward you or anyone else. Anyone who claims that little black boys born in poverty (for example) are privileged haven’t earned any credit. However, I would love to give anyone credit who opts to do the right thing by desisting from ever using the term “male privilege” again.

            • Julie Gillis says:

              Curious, should whites (or anyone for that matter) stop using the phrase white priv?

            • {Shoulder shrug} Fine with me. It’s something seldom if ever heard in normal discourse anyway.

            • Julie Gillis says:

              See that’s the thing about assuming what “normal” is. People talk about wide ranges of things. My groups and circles use those concepts all the time. I was curious to find out if you believed that whites had privilege over people of color, as you do not believe men have over women. Do you think there is racism, personal or institutional? No great need for you to answer, but it seemed germane.

  2. No assumptions made. If a few friends use some terms amongst themselves that few if anyone else uses, it would be silly to claim that such are heard in normal discourse by a significant percentage of the population – when that simply isn’t the case.

    “I was curious to find out if you believed that whites had privilege over people of color, as you do not believe men have over women.”

    Now you’re comparing apples and oranges.  White people, including white women were never legally bought and sold as slaves, legally dismembered, legally raped, and legally tortured and killed, and don’t constitute the vast majority of the prison population (as one of many examples).  Moreover, perhaps you know of many, many data points that answers that question clearly.

    “Do you think there is racism, personal or institutional?” 

    Personal for sure.  It depends on which institutions you are referring to.  But, it’s not at all germane as you’re trying to draw a parallel that doesn’t exist.  Women are the majority, not a minority – and white women especially have measurable advantages over many men, but especially men of color.

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