Teaching the History of the Pink Triangle

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About Dan Kimber

Dan Kimber has co-authored two books with Leo Buscaglia and written a column for the Glendale News Press ("Education Matters") for ten years. He has taught high school for 35 years and been awarded Teacher of the Year for ten of them.


  1. “Prejudice and discrimination in any form is always wrong. History holds no example of good prejudice or benevolent discrimination.”

    I take issue with the technicality here. All knowledge is essentially prejudice, and I’d argue that most knowledge is good. When I argue that 1+1=2 whether I stop to add the ones or not, I’m being prejudicial about the numeral one, and I’d have to be a damned fool not to be. Wheelchair parking is benevolent discrimination made crystal clear.

    That said, his deeper point is 100% valid. Social prejudice and dismissive discrimination are horrid, horrid things. Wish I’d had a teacher who brought in cool speakers like that.

  2. A very appropriate and thoughtful piece. The key sentence for me is: ‘I did not “choose” to be homosexual any more than I chose to be right-handed or blue-eyed. I have chosen to be unashamed and unafraid to face the world and, more important, myself, with who I am. And now on to the lesson.”

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