7 People Thinking Differently About Columbus Day

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  1. Brian Hansford says:

    Yes, Columbus led the way. The Spaniards were even more brutal. If it makes people feel better, take the bank holiday away.

    I think it’s ironic about all the hand wringing on Columbus that comes from white guys living capitalist lives in big U.S. cities that were once indigenous lands.

    Meanwhile, in more important news in Washington DC…..

  2. Alan Siebuhr says:

    You’re missing The Oatmeal and his comic on Columbus Day. It was excellent.

  3. Queen Isabella wasn’t that smart, she was one of the major factors in instigating the Spanish Inquisition. Off topic I know but really, not actually very smart of her

  4. You guys DO realize that every single person living on the North and South American Continents at the time Columbus arrived were part of civilizations that took their land from prior settlers don’t you? You guys know that slavery was part of many, if not most of these civilizations as well?

    What is the difference of between a Mexica enslaving a Chichimeca and a Spaniard enslaving a Taino? The Central and South American civilizations had hundreds of thousands of slaves. Spend a little time reading about pre-1492 America. The idea that the first slaves were black and that Columbus introduced slavery or that rape was solely the province of European explorers is kind of ridiculous. The Mexica sacrificed over 80’000 slaves and captives in 4 days for the re-consecration of the Great Pyramid in 1487. The majority of the people you are quoting above suffer from an astounding amount cognitive dissonance. Pre 1492 America wasn’t some happy go lucky place of noble indigenous people walking the earth in harmony with nature; life was nasty, brutish and short full of wars, strife and the struggle for dominance.

    I’m not saying Columbus was a hero or worthy of celebration by any means. However, you can make that point without relying on ridiculous inaccuracy. History is History – its not about white people BAD non white people GOOD.

    • There’s definitely a lot to what you’re saying. We demonize the white-Euro people because they have been holding the land since then, but the white-Euros didn’t invent violence, slavery or land acquisition.

  5. Couldn’t we solve the whole Italian American pride issue around Columbus Day by creating Fiorello De La Guardia day instead? La Guardia is far more positive role model, and much more representative of today’s Italian American’s heritage too.


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