Disclosures: Finding a Voice for the Boy

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About Robert Brown

Rob is a Child Rights Activist and state-level lobbyist.


  1. Such an important article and I hope everyone who has any contact with children reads this and takes it to heart.

  2. Children don’t let things happen to them. They trust that the adults involved are doing the right thing, and accept that this is what is supposed to happen. Child abuse is entirely the adult’s fault.

  3. Wow! Power, power stuff, Rob.

    What can I do to educate authorities (police, social workers, teachers, ect.) and the media? How can one candle such as myself help light the dark room society dwells in regarding childhood sexual abuse- especially in boys- the most neglected victims of all?

    Thanks for your courage. You are making a great difference for so many souls! Please stay strong in your much needed efforts!

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