My Freedom of Information Act Request for My Own PRISM Data

FOIA request

Micah Greene discovers first hand that you don’t have the right to your own data that is contained within the PRISM software.

I made a Freedom of Information Act Request for my PRISM data. I asked for any data, records, dossiers, documents, etc related to me, Micah Greene. It took them a couple of weeks to send me their rejection letter. You can find it in full, below. I redacted a few things that might be too personally identifying to me, like my full physical address, and the case #(although I’m not sure if the case # would matter or not.)

If you don’t want to read the entire thing, I can sum it up for you; My request was rejected because the existence or non-existence of such records is classified. I’m not allowed to know what they have on me in PRISM, or even if they have anything (I’m pretty damn certain that they do.).

I am planning to appeal this. I’m  no lawyer, but I think that I can appeal it because my data cannot possibly be related in any way to counter-terrorism or national security. My data is simply that of your average 30 year old balding ginger living in the midwest. I’m not a threat to anybody. Or maybe I am, because I’m publishing this article?  If so, that says scary things about our democracy.

FOIA rejection page 1 redacted

FOIA rejection page 2 redacted


FOIA rejection page 3 redacted


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  1. dragnet says:

    I 100 percent support this—and Edward Snowden. This mess started with Bush but Obama has done nothing but intensify him.

    History will not looking kindly upon this.

  2. PursuitAce says:

    Another unaccountable president. Who would have thunk it. Are we sure Dick Cheney isn’t pulling President Obama’s strings? I mean he is defending his policies for him.

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