‘Law & Order: SVU’ Producer on Why You Should Watch the ‘Legitimate Rape’ Episode

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  1. JustAMan says:

    So, I wonder when SVU will do an episode on a man being raped by envelopment, and his rapist becoming pregnant and choosing to keep the child, and him then being forced by the State to pay child support? As the Kansas Supreme Court put it, ever so delicately, “Victims have obligations as well as rights.” You know, somebody like the 14 year old boy to whom this happened? Or somebody like the 85 year old, disabled man whose “caretaker” forced herself on him, became pregnant, was found guilty and then successfully extracted child support to pay for the child that resulted?

    Oh, wait, we’re talking about SVU and Hollywood. That storyline will appear on The Twelfth of Never.

    • Mark Neil says:

      Pretty much. There are only two episode I’ve seen of SVU that even acknowledged the possibility men can be victims. The first had a rich guy who claimed a younger girl raped him using blackmail. At no point did it even cross the officers minds that he could be telling the truth, and of course, there’s no way the story could end with him having been telling the truth. The second was a story of false accusations, a teacher accessed of raping his student, the teacher denying the allegations, the students story shifting and showing inconsistencies, but the cops never wavered until near the very end… and of course, that episode ended without a resolution. You can’t acknowledge false accusations, you’d be called a misogynist and rape apologist. Never have I seen an SVU episode where a man was the victim, without ambiguity. It’s actually quite offensive they can come up with a woman a week as victim, but never a man, even with all the female teachers springing up in the news these days

  2. It is interesting to see that in some “…31 states, rapists have custodial rights to the children of those rapes.”

    And the number of custody cases filed is? Very emotive content without balance – again!

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