I’m Proud of My Vasectomy

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Ted Cox has never been to a Turkish prison. He hates bad beer and writing bios in the third-person. Follow his writing and speaking gigs on iheartcox.com.


  1. Stephanie Black says:

    I completely respect your choice and I would love to date a guy who’d had a vasectomy – it would make things much more relaxed. I don’t want children and it’s not easy to find others who feel the same way. I hope more people will speak out about this option.

  2. My wife and I have been happily married for over 14 years and are childless by choice. We considered having children about 8 years in, but then came to the conclusion that we enjoyed each others company too much, and we just didn’t have a burning desire for a drooling, pooping, screaming shrine to ourselves, and the last thing the earth needs is another carbon footprint. I had a vasectomy a little over a year ago and it is the *best* decision I’ve ever made.

  3. great piece Ted, and a bold move by a single guy to get snipped. I hope the move protects you from years of questions about your certainty, sanity and sexuality. And I hope you share more of your story. I’ll post a link to this story and the amazing comments on whynokids.com and http://www.facebook.com/whynokids too.

    If/when you want to share follow-up stories about dating and the response you get from readers and strangers, please come guest blog or post a link.

  4. So it’s selfish to refrain from creating something that doesn’t exist? Wow. I guess I’m selfish.

    Forgive me for not adding one more to our crowded planet; for not creating a life that drains resources; for not subjecting a human being to the inevitable sorrows and struggles of life, only to die at the end; for not getting a woman pregnant as some sort of contingency retirement and/or elderly care plan.

    Yeah, the non-breeders are the selfish one’s.

  5. This is a great article. I wish more men would have this done. It saves a woman a lot of trouble with birth control. Also it’s more practical and cheaper than getting a woman’s tubes tied. Also, hormonal based birth control is screwing with the ecosystems.

  6. wellokaythen says:

    What should be scandalous is that there are still plenty of doctors who will refuse to do a vasectomy on a young man who wants one. They assume he will likely change his mind, don’t let him do anything drastic, etc. No matter what the reasons that the patient gives. Just as there are doctors who will not perform tubal ligation on women under 35, no matter what good reasons the patient gives. Sounds pretty paternalistic and condescending to suggest you know better than I do about my reproductive decisions. I think part of your basic reproductive human rights is the right to sterilization if you so desire. It would be a lot better for society if that were a more available option.

  7. I became a dad almost exactly 1 year ago and I will have to say being a father is probably the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. And not like I had been planning to be a dad for years or that I actually liked children before, my son came as a surprise and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But once he was born, my perspective changed completely and things that used to be important are not so much anymore. So I understand the view of men that choose not to be fathers but at the same time let me just say that some of you (the men that are good at connecting) are missing an extraordinary life experience..

  8. Got mine done 4 months ago…It was painless an worth it. I have a 5 year old son and love him to death but just didn’t want to set my life back another 5 years by having more kids.
    Counterfactually I can still look back and say I could have done this before I ever had a kid, as much as I love my son I also totally understand and respect those who choose to remain childless. You can work for 8 hours a day an not stress about overtime, or you can work your ass off and afford a nice vaction or some toys. I am still at the point where I can salvage my youth. I am going to universit and working the hours I am comfortable with.
    My wife works instead of changing diapers and in 10-15 years my son will be grown up and as immature and fun loving as me. In no way will I pressure him into making me into a grandparent. I’ll even pat him on the back if he chooses to get the big snip at a young age. Him and I can be buddies and carefree. Or I will be able to get him a good education so someday he can afford a big family if he feels he missed out.

    Good job Ted…My hat goes off to you.
    For those about to rock I salute you.
    Enjoy those saturday morning shows you like to watch.

  9. You are missing out.

  10. My husband and I are 30. We happily scheduled a vasectomy appointment. We do not want children. We both work in education – we get our fill of kids for 8 hours a day. And honestly? The concept of being pregnant terrifies and disgusts me. My husband completely understood. No kids. We’re happy!


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