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  1. Given that men have been oppressing women since the beginning of time, and that this oppression has been an ingrained part of almost every culture invented, the whole concept of “men’s rights” is an absurdity. Complaining that some women have become vain, manipulative and/or parasitic within this context is a bit like Richie Rich moaning about getting too many paper cuts from all of his money. Giving this “movement” space in your publication, and your abject failure to call out the whole concept of “men’s rights” as just another method of maintaining the status quo (keeping women in their place as the servant/sex class), is highly objectionable.

    • Mateusz says:

      How can you seriously call the push for equality absurd? Females are undeniably privileged in countries like the US, and demand more privilege (if you actually want, you can see the list of ways). The ridiculing of the move for male equality is just an attempt by those in power to hold onto power.

      • Ron Wiley says:

        I hope that there will be equallity among both sexes but the way women are acting now days i think men should stay away. I think that among courts men should be treated equal and should have heir voice heard instead of shelling out. their checkbook to those damm women looking foeasy moneyfor their personal needs.

    • Faul_Sname says:

      Your brain is built to track down antelope, gather nuts and berries while avoiding poison and predators, and navigate a social world composed of 50 to 500 people. In this world, conspiracies could happen. Any unfairness in the distribution of resources probably was due to a decision on the part of the tribe, and by having a tribal discussion you might be able to change their minds. It is a great testament to human ingenuity and adaptabilility that we can function in today’s world. Nonetheless, your instincts will sometimes lead you astray.

      The most important wrong assumption I see, both in the Feminist and MRA communities, is that “Men” and “Women” are coherent groups. They aren’t. Men as a group aren’t oppressing women, because men as a coherent group don’t do anything. Women as a group aren’t creating social rules that help them and harm men, because women as a group are not organized enough to think that far ahead as a society. It is hard to imagine the scale of a worldwide conspiracy of one gender or the other, but let us try for the sake of argument.

      There are approximately 3.5 billion men in the world. If they laid down in one line, light would take about half a minute to pass from one end to the other. The line could stretch to the moon and back, and after that would still be able to wrap around the earth’s equator 150 times. At 5 seconds per phone call, it would take half a millenium to inform the men of the world of a new way to keep women down and “in their place”. All of these calculations also apply to women. With that in mind, let us think of the “Patriarchy: and the “Matriarchy”.

      I’m not saying oppressive customs don’t exist, and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to eliminate them. I am saying that it is absurd to talk of one gender conspiring against the other. Most of our sexist customes are basically accidents of history, and the main force opposing feminism is not men but inertia. 7 billion is a huge, inconceivable number, and any change in that population will take time. This change will take longer if hostility and selfishness are presumed as the main thing to overcome.

      Social progressives do not have to change the minds of hundreds of die-hard opponents. They have to make billions of average people think “Hmm. I never realized that.” We tend to focus on Rosa Parks, on Gandhi, on Hitler, and point out those individuals as the cause of social change. They’re not. The Civil Rights Movement occurred over the course of several hundred years, and is still occuring. The 1960s were when the most dramatic and visible changes happened, but the minds of people take longer to change and the customs of society longer still.

      For those of you who don’t want to read a block of text, here is what I’m saying:

      There is no great conspiracy against you, just inertia. As good and powerful as your rage against the injustice feels, it is not going to accomplish nearly as much as calm discussions with people who almost, but don’t quite agree with you. A great change in an individual is not as useful as a tiny change in society.

    • Jaybird says:

      I don’t think the men’s rights movement will ever accomplish its goals. In fact, it may have the exact opposite effect, which comes from a false understanding of a “movement” and how one is started. For instance, the feminist movement has proclaimed, with a loud voice: “WOMEN ARE OPPRESSED!” While this may have advanced feminists’ political goals, it will never advance their social goals, since now everyone knows that it is NORMAL and HISTORICALLY ACCEPTED to oppress women. Now we have men’s activist groups proclaiming: “MEN ARE OPPRESSED!” Will this help men’s social reputation. Of course not! The movement is self-defeating. If you want to help men, then start a movement that proclaims: “Men are doing just fine! Well done, men!”

    • Bastard Son says:

      “Given that men have been oppressing women since the beginning of time…” That is not only not a “given”, it is intellectual hogwash and revisionist history. Both men and women were shoe-horned into specific gender roles out of necessity. The bargain was that society would control the female inclination toward hypergamy and shield her from risk, and would control the male inclination toward laziness and polygamy.

      If it’s oppression at all, it was oppression of everyone, by everyone.

    • Aaron Hughes says:

      You’re right- there does seem to be a strong current of oppression in many of these comments, and commenters. Which is entirely ridiculous- women have obviously been oppressed for hundreds of years in western society, and we’re only now beginning to approach parity between the two sides- and an enormous amount of work remains.

      That said, there are issues on both sides of the fence. As a single example, and perhaps the one I find most galling, a woman has the right(after birth, I have no issue with abortion, though I do feel it should be a group decision) to abandon a child, with no strings attached, and the man can’t do anything about it. Many are the men who have lost the right to raise their child because their wife, or girlfriend, decided to give the child up. On the other end of the spectrum, if a man doesn’t want to raise a child, is no longer in a relationship with the woman, and she chooses to keep the child, the man will often be forced to pay child support on a child the mother should have had no expectation of support for. I understand why the latter happens, but the former is entirely unreasonable, and robs a man of the chance to raise his child. It would not be wrong to say that these laws require additional work- they are better than what existed before them, but a woman being allowed to give up a child without consulting the father is unreasonable.

      Please note, this has nothing to do with abortions. That’s a question of the woman’s body, and it remains up to her. I have no desire to come across as being anti-abortion, so please, do not respond as though I said it were evil.

    • Yawn. Men and women both have always been oppressed by the power structure. The fact is that the current mis-handling of equality based root Feminism has mutated it into one needing to undermine men and replace men for dominance, not strive for equality. It has turned it into a bizzare Faux-minist late term abortion which is divisive, immature and ill-fated. Equality being the goal, the present direction of Faux-minism is an abyssmal FAIL. It’s women have begun to sound like the stereotypes which they claim to be fighting against.

  2. The MRA movement and the feminist movement are two sides of the same anti-opposite sex coin. MRA’s tolerate misogyny in its ranks just as feminists tolerate misandry in its ranks. There is no doubt that those who identify as either one have an anti-opposite sex agenda and potentially personal issues that will limit them in life.

  3. Men’s Rights Movement is not a movement begging any privilege for men, it stands for gender equality. It stands for ending discrimination against men with gender neutral laws for true equality. It stands for honour and dignity of men.

    Since the first day of human civilization, Men are sacrificing their blood to protect women, children and society. It is Men, who are doing back breaking labour to get food for women and children. Against any threat to society and people, it is men who are sacrificing their life on frontiers. It is the Men, who are paying most taxes to the state so that society may function….. But what is society giving to men for such sacrifices?
    Men are committing suicides at much higher rates, False allegations are leveled against men by women, Men do not have any rights in marital laws, fruits of Men’s labour is being usurped through maintenance laws, men have no rights for his children, feminized education causes high percentage of male student dropouts, workplace is being made dangerous through sexual harassment laws, higher taxation on men, gender biased sexual assault laws, reservation against men……. why?
    This community is about Men. Rights & Honour of Men. Struggle against slavery imposed on Men, Discrimination against Men, Violence against Men, Propaganda against Men…….
    It is about dignity of Men.

  4. What is shocking to me that in my 33 years alive on this planet I have never meet one young black man that can rent in his own ghetto .I have meet veterans that have built hud homesbut they cant live in them how freaking sick can we get .I know things will be turning around because our system is falling apart and our men are so displeased with life liivng is becoming a horrible task for millions.

    It seems logical that the only way to create more happiness is be creating a entirely new financial system in which China and other leaders will agree with .The men of the world deserve alot more respect than what systems around the are encouraging I feel we should not allow it if men are forced to be nothing more than a number or forces into there mothers homes it best to end this way of life .It is happening as we speak I just hope more educated people work to end it by any means necessary .

  5. JOSE ISAAC says:


    Respected Sir,

    My name is Jose Isaac and my address is Chackuayil House, Valyakulam, Changanacherry, Kottayam District, Kerala State – 686106 , INDIA. My cell number is 9496123796 and land line is 0481 – 2725167.

    Hypocracy, (ego and public image) prevents an average man from admitting that he is AS attracted to the mere outline of a woman’s sex organs like breasts AS he is to a woman’s exposed sex organs and any other exposed part of her flesh.

    It is only natural for man to have a very irrepressable and vivid imagination in such matters. But hypocracy, social acceptability and ego prevents man from admitting this common tendency.

    Your organisation should urge pharmaceutical companies to discover drugs that can help eliminate human sexual desires. This can be a billiion dollar industry provided such a sex education is imparted at school level onwards and is properly marketed.

    This will save you son from wasting his time dreaming / staring at women. This common practice will destroy his confidence level and make him sentimentally dependend on a woman for his happiness and this is the case with almost 100% of mankind. If this is not the case, then why does man not insit that equal rights to women must go with equal obligations.

    Such a drug will give him a better chance to be successful in life. I am sure that most men could have been in a much better position in life if they had got some assistance to control their sexual passions.

    Once the usage of such a drug becomes widely used, a mans and a male childs happiness would no longer be at the mercy of a woman.

    The truth is that each time you think of a woman and not even muster the courage to ask her for sex, it smothers your confidence level and reduces it to that of a rape victim and you will not be as successful in your life and in your career as you could have been had such a drug been used.

    Controlling such desires is definitely an uphill task for an average male be it a boy child or a man, especially so in todays age of free availability of sexually provoking books, magazines and videos. As a result, holding on to morals in an increasingly difficult task. So men badly need help.

    Please spare your children and others children the ordeal that you have had to go through to be successful in life. Please do not make acheiving success a more ordeous task than it already is.

    With increasing rights to women, many men have now started to feel more insecure than ever before, especially more so in the west. Personally, my heart goes out to the married men of the USA. How much they fear and put up with on a daily basis. Spare your children this torture. AT LEAST GIVE THEM A CHOICE.

    The widespread use of such drugs will also make your daughter feel more safe and secure at all times and with anyone. Is this not what you want? If I had a daugher, I would certainly want her to be safe from all of you including from myself.

    Please don’t let your hypocracy come in the way of your or others childrens happiness and sense of self-contentment and bright future.

    People should understand that when a boy or a man rapes a 3 or a 61 year old child or woman, what actually provoked him is his very low level of confidence resulting from occassional / constant dreaming of OTHER WOMEN sex organs. The women who do this loose nothing. Men who watch these start to loose their self respect and start vieing for her attention. The feeling of being wanted only boosts up her faith in herself. In fact, men now find it a blessing to be able to foot her bill. So much for equal obligations.

    What has she done for them that their parents have not done ??? I personally find this disgusting though I am no exception to this universal practice.

    People will listen to what your organisation says and so please don’t loose this opportunity to make the world a safer place for women and a place worth living for honourable men.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully
    Jose Isaac

  6. There is no mention here of the Men’s Rights movent’s of the 1920s-1940s. For good reason; almost nobody knows about it. There is not a single professor who has written about it. In contrast, if you want to know what any women’s rights activist of the same period had for breakfast any given day you can find three books and 20 articles that will give you every detail. But you can now get some info on pre-1960s Men’s Rights activism at “The Unknown History of MISANDRY.” One aspect of this history that is of special interest is the voices of women of the 1920s-40s who fought against misandry (judges, writers, activists). Another topic worthy of special attention is the public controversy on male chivalry as manifested in juries, a problem that led to judges and prosecutors to lobby for laws permitting women to serve on juries, so that the large number of murderers who male juries refused to convict might find fair judgement by the fair sex.

  7. This series, “Meet the Men’s Rights Movement,” is a useful beginning. But the series needs a few thousand more articles to get beyond the scatching-the-surface stage that it has reached at this point. The article “A Word for Men’s Rights” was published in 1856. The first female judge to publicly condemn legal misandry made her views known in 1921. The first Men’s Rights organization was started in 1926; its strongest supporters were women (mothers of boys). Billions of dollars have been spent on the fabrication of a history of the relations of the sexes from a “social contructionism” point of view — and it is, in many respects, fake history. We need a Good Information Project to reverse the trend. “The Unknown History of MISANDRY” has made a modest effort to make a few documents available.

    • Amy Shaffer says:

      Men walking around Ball State University campus with red painted nails aren’t cross-dressing; they’re taking part in an initiative to stop violence against women. Operation Red Jungle at Ball State University, a campus wide initiative, is geared toward bringing awareness to stopping the violence.
      Emily Sullivan, president of Ball State’s Timmy Global Health, volunteered her time on Tuesday to ask men passing by if they wanted to take the pledge.
      “It’s really great to see people supporting this campaign and I think it’s just a matter of continuing to have events and to encourage other organizations to participate to host and sponsor campaigns similar to this,” the junior said.

      The initiative is funded through a grant the United States Department of Health and Human Services (Office of Women’s Health) awarded to Ball State University to continue research and initiatives similar to this one.
      Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani, an Assistant Professor of Community Health Education, is the head advocate and the project director for the grant and has studied the issue closely.
      “Last semester, [the Office of Women’s Health] sent out this special request that you could apply for special funding to have a campaign on your campus or in your community for this issue,” Khubchandani said.

      Khubchandani has studied the effects of violence against women in his native country of India as well as the United States. He has been a professor at Ball State University since 2010 in the Department of Physiology and Health Science. “We are asking men to show their support for this issue,” Khubchandani said. “There’s typically one gender abusing women, and it’s male.” Khubchandani said that in order to get this issue out into the public light, the community must first bring awareness to those who can put an end to domestic violence — the men. “There’s only one way to prevent it and that is to engage men and promote healthy relationships,” Khubchandani said.
      Violence against women does not have to be physical, he said. Verbal abuse is also classified under this category.

      According to the Muncie, Indiana Police Department website, there were 49 deaths reported in Indiana as a result of domestic violence from July 2008 to June 2009. Within that same time frame, 98,828 calls were made to the Crisis Line to report an act of domestic violence.
      “[Students] should stand up and realize that this is still a prevalent issue on campus and that measures should be taken to try and fix this issue,” Sullivan said.
      Not only are students getting involved, but administrators are also participating in the initiative and taking the pledge against domestic abuse.
      Mayor Dennis Tyler of Muncie, Indiana took a pledge and got his nails painted red. Freshman Andrew Deathe, a volunteer on behalf of Phi Sigma Kappa, wore his red T-shirt in support of the initiative.
      “Everyone understands that there is violence against women that is happening, but whenever things like this happen it really puts it in your mind,” Deathe said.

  8. Bellator Nam Parilitas says:

    I find it disgusting that anyone can say that men are not currently disadvantaged, especially in the United States. When you can not watch television for longer than 10 minutes without seeing some commercial or show that insinuates that men want nothing more than sex, money, alcohol, violence or fast cars. There are advertisements out there that insinuate that inside every man is a rapist waiting to get out.

    You who state that there is no gender bias against men in the United States need to wake up. I went through a divorce a year and a half ago. When preparing for the Child Custody battle my attorney said to me and I quote “Unless you can provide photo or video proof that your ex-wife was smoking meth while screwing a guy on the couch for money while your daughter watched, you have less than a ten percent chance of obtaining custody.”

    Just so you know my ex-wife became a stripper after we separated and has a record of attempting suicide. I have never been arrested for anything and have a very successful career. Still with all of that going against her she was the one who was given custody. You tell me where the equality is in that.

    A good Friend of mine broke up with his ex-girlfriend because she was cheating on him. She comes back 8 months later and tells him that she is pregnant with his child and that he needs to man up. However after an argument over him wanting a paternity test he finally tells her that he will see her in court. The next day he is served at work with a Protective Order. In it she cites that he “Slapped her” “Sexually assaulted her 2 year old daughter” and “Threatened to kill her” and that all of these incidents occurred over 8 months ago but because she had moved out of state it was still applicable.

    Lucky for him he had recorded their conversation a few days prior where she had been at first trying to convince him to just go with it and except paternity without a test. In this recording she was telling him what an amazing man he was and how much she wished things could have worked out. It was not until after he told her that he would take her to court for a paternity test if he had to that she started yelling and screaming at him for not “being a man” and taking responsibility for his child.

    He fought the protective order in a hearing and won. However there is no penalty or consequence for making false accusations like that. Even though she was unable to provide any evidence to substantiate her claims and he had that recording he still ended up losing his job over that incident.

    Tell me where the equality is in that. How is it, a woman can falsely accuse a man of sexually abusing a child and domestic violence and face no consequences? All I want is equality. All I want is to be able to rescue my daughter from a detrimental environment.

  9. I never understood why MRAs don’t consider themselves feminists. Or vice versa. Frankly, the problems that both of these groups address are all a result of the gender binary that exists. By assuming that men and women are inherently different (other than biologically, and even then, there are gray areas) from one another, we encourage sexism on both fronts. e.g. By assuming a woman’s place is at home, we get fathers who unfairly lose child custody battles because mothers are seen as more motherly. Both men and women are entrapped by the binary.

  10. What happened to the spearhead . All I get on my search now is a Health and human service page . Is free speech being destroyed by a cynical government .

  11. Lynn Mason says:

    Hi, everyone. I recently created a petition at asking a clinic in Silverthorne, Colorado to stop performing neonatal circumcision and I was hoping if you would feature the petition on your page.

    My petition has received support from and it would be great if you could also help me in reaching 1,000 signatures. Please support men’s rights!

    Thank you for reading,
    Lynn Mason

  12. “Who are men’s rights activists, and what do they want?”

    I’ll answer this question for you. They’re a bunch of bitter old assholes who are hellbent on making white American men look as misogynist and shallow as possible. They’re an embarrassment to white men everywhere. White American men should bash these losers until they go away, and white men outside of the US should not embrace their ideology.

    MOD EDIT: Please avoid generalising ideologies

  13. This site seems more for Feminist it does not seem to support Mens Rights and actually seems leary of it so I have to assume that this was perhaps written by a man or a man that is surely getting something from a women . feminism leads to not just decline of man but the destruction of our country. From books on Islam from Christianity to Indian cultures around the globe we see that it is mans duty to be the head of the family . We are watching men being pushed into corners commiting suicuide in record numbers that far exceed the deaths of women. I am not a women hater and the Voice For Men is not the leader of the mens rights movment you truly are not very educated in the Mens Rights Movement . Being known does not make a person a leader of the Mens Rights Movement the movement is scattered it has the potential to be a enormous movement but it is still very unorganized this is just my opinion . I feel to get the ball rolling we have to take our issues to United Nations and advertize which I will be doing to reach millions of men through affordable ads through Newspapers companies. We have alo of work to do When you look into a ghetto and you find that in many cities not even a handful of men can have access to affordable housing thats when you know the problem is serious so serious is this issue that the information can not be released this is just one of our many many many issues. We currently have milllions of responsible men student with degrees in their mid 20s filling up mom and pops house . I am in the process of making more videos showing streets with middle aged men working for the city and state of florida living with mom and dad and not a single women for miles can be found living with mom and pop the problem is serious and it goes against religion,ethics and the consciousness of many men. The best thing for Mens Rights Activist to do is to start pouring millions into the movment utilizing Senuke ,Xrummer and workign with government globally to help counter the assult towards men our oppression can be proven globally without a shadow of a doubt I be willing to beat my life and swear the the BUddhas black hat that men are becoming oppressed and the proof is extremly substantial and in my opinion very overwhelming. Support housing right for Vets and our men that can paint Hud homes but can not live in them lets reward men our Vets and responsible men with jobs and housing to raise the level of awareness about our issues and ensure masculity flourished its to late for me I am gay due to low wages and massive amounts of rejection . I do not want to see more youth die from aids experience prison experience working 2 jobs and seeing uneducated women 18 years popping out kids and getting low cost housing . Its wrong extremly disrespectful towards our men and forces them to be men in the wrogn we currently in America over 65 million men that need housing are not getting it and are living with mom and dad with the skills and the education and the ability to work and be men but we are denying them that right this is just one reason why the Mens Rights Movement will grow because men are feeling so oppressed and finding its not religion or people that are at fault its money that seperatates most of us its unfair laws and gender discrimnation and basis that we have in our minds are correct . I value no women or child more than men becasue their may not be a future the future is no and from what I have seen from our oppressed men we have a serous problem we truly have to help our millions of men to regain their sanity because as this recession gets worse people are going to flip out. It happening every week in America many just do not see it. Peace

    • Rober, I think you are correct. The Good Men Project and Men’s Studies in academia are journalism directed at males through a feminist lens and Men’s Studies, sex and gender studies program for males within a feminist analytical framework. Thus, we have how feminism operates. It operates as an ideology and analytical framework. Males studies would reject the feminist ideology and framework to let men speak within and from their own masculinity, a masculinity that is good, right and just. We can narrow the good men down. One of them is not this author.

    • Rob,

      It is unfortunate to what our society has become between a man and woman in marriage. All too often the sacrifices that are made go unnoticed. I personally am going through some very tough times – unemployed, educated, forced from my home in July of 2012, paying child support, have custody of my children at a rate of 13 percent per year. The divorce process has been exhausting and especially to my 3 beautiful little girls ages 8 and under. They ask me when I have them if their Daddy will ever come back home. It has been tough…very tough and as I face the enormous amounts of financial obligations that lay in front of me, I can only see that my life is gong to be affected tremendously by the outcome of this divorce.

      As a result of my demise, I am looking to get involved in a movement to fight for the rights of men all over the US as well as internationally. My motivation is not due to anger or resentment, but to become actively involved in a system or to develop a system if not already in place to help men foster a better life out of the mess that is caused from divorce. If there is any information that you can provide, please do so by replying. There is a gap in our society that must be closed.

  14. David Gazarian says:

    How can that woman have the nerve to say that men aren’t oppressed when we’re continually faced with negitive judgements in the case of child custody, divorce and child support? When I got divorced my ex-wife got our house, the car, all the money in our bank account and full custody of our child. How is that right or fair? I got laid off in 2010, and was therefore unemployed, and my ex-wife was awarded $500 a month for child support. State law says that if you are unemployed that they have to base child support off of minimum wage; this somehow missed me entirely. I cannot afford to pay my rent now because I lose 50% of my check every payperiod. I cannot support myself working two jobs!! When I asked for a review from the child support division they denied me a reduction in spite of my lower income. So, that’s equal? I’m oppressing you and I can’t even feed myself. How very ignorant! I haven’t seen my child in 2 years, yet I pay an exorbitant amount to support him. That’s equal? I had to live in a homeless shelter after the divorce! Do that princess. I went from being a business owner in Atlanta to being a vagabond, and now that I’ve gotten myself off of the streets and started to resurrect my life, I am losing 50% of my checks!!!!!!!! That’s fair? I feel mighty damn oppressed. Judges are completely biased and women paint themselves as martyrs. It quite laughable really.

  15. Joseph byrne says:

    The Mra is a group of highly intelligent men who have form an alliance to provide men and young men with an alternative to traditional “man up” gender roles. This is a growing Movement of more then 2 Million men witch have recognized the unfairness in gender role , Such as , slave provider , A prison economy and Hypergamy .
    Simply the MRA is an honest voice in a sea of lies . Young men often make the decision to venture into traditional gender roles uninformed of the future implications of feminist dishonesty and hypergamy .
    Every men life and effort to support the nation is important . We simply can’t have these efforts being toiled away by unjust laws and male dispensability . The cost is becoming to great to all are freedoms .

  16. Hi Henry P. Belanger
    Thank you!

  17. Johnathon Roberts says:

    Equality, and a completely unbiased society, is an absolute impossibility. The human race, simply put, can not agree on everything. Our race is based on conflict. To say that we should all be treated completely equal is rather foolish.

    I understand that many will disagree with me on this thought. I even understand that people will call me an idiot and some neanderthal like imbecile. Simply put, however, completely equal treatment, not only amongst the sexes, but amongst us all, is impossible. Our belief structures are too different. Even our very psychological standpoints are different.

    On all occurrences, we need to look at the individuals involved. This is especially important when it comes to relationships. Relationships, and I know this next part will not be taken well, are NOT about equality. In every stable, viable, long term relationship I have ever seen, there is a distinct dominant partner, and a distinct submissive partner. In these days, those two words (dominant and submissive) have taken on a different meaning than what they really are. Let me explain. I am NOT saying that a stable relationship where one partner can do whatever it wants, and the other is absolutely subservient to the other. That would be lunacy of the highest order. What I mean is that one takes a more active decision making role than the other. I guess what would be clearer to say is that one leads and the other follows. Like in a dance. Both roles are played by men and women. However, society, or, more specifically, American society, doesn’t seem to think that this is right. At some point, we got stuck into the mindset that the man provides and leads, and the woman provides succor and follows. This mindset wormed it’s way into our minds, and the changing of it has had drastic and dangerous effects. The sexes are often viciously opposed to each other, our law system is often very biased one way or the other, and you have the situation as it stands now. It would have been better if we had just, from the beginning, stuck to not defining sex roles, but more mentality roles.

    I have seen many, many dominant women and submissive men, and vice versa. Often times these people find themselves in a relationship together. And, you know what? The relationship works, and WELL. One leads, the other follows. I am not saying that it will always work, because, frankly, people can’t be pigeonholed like that. I am just saying that it seems to work more often than not.

    Anyway, I have rambled on. I will admit, I am a VERY dominant white male. I like to be in control of my life, and get very unsettled if I am not. However, I am also single, and plan to stay that way. I won’t oppress men or women with supposed inequalities.

    If anyone ever does anything with me, I will lead. Not because they are a woman or a man. Simply because that is how I am.

    Bah, listen to me go on! I’ll wrap this up now with this. Be fair, be honest. Don’t settle into tired, cliche roles or mentalities. You want equality? Then just treat everyone on merit.


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  8. [...] so aptly described by guest writer Lady Gyoo, Henry Belanger’s “Meet the Men’s Rights Movement,” the article used to introduce the men’s rights community to their general readership, was [...]

  9. [...] so aptly described by guest writer Lady Gyoo, Henry Belanger’s “Meet the Men’s Rights Movement,” the article used to introduce the men’s rights community to their general readership, was [...]

  10. [...] and my life. But I was recently forced to rethink this combination as I followed a debate at the Good Men Project (GMP) between men’s rights activists (MRAs), including fathers’ rights groups, and their [...]

  11. [...] But I was recently forced to revisit this combination as I followed a recent debate here at the Good Men Project Magazine between men’s rights activists (MRAs), including fathers’ rights groups, and their [...]

  12. [...] was started. Blog Entry Here Excerpt: The Good Men Project has taken on the daunting task of introducing, unlocking and dismantling the so-called Men’s Rights Movement in a special series of posts [...]

  13. [...] men’s rights movement has been the subject of more attention in recent years, as male unemployment persists. The concerns it raises are not without merit; the [...]

  14. [...] and I almost didn’t post because the clip they’ve got has one of these self-identified MRA guys talking for a few minutes beforehand, and while he makes valid points about how no one would [...]

  15. Online Article…

    [...]very few websites that happen to be detailed below, from our point of view are undoubtedly well worth checking out[...]…

  16. [...] of them, no surprises here, actually popped up in the wake of the post on so-called Men’s Rights Activists and the ones specifically dealing with rape [...]

  17. [...] least the “Angry Young Man Psyche.” Both were established by women. The Good Men Project gave this description of MRA philosophy (italics mine, because I take things [...]

  18. [...] What’s really important to understand is that this really and truly is how some people think w… So no, I don’t find it that mind-blowing to read a book that reinforces these ideas. It’s actually quite predictable. [...]

  19. [...] unfamiliar with MRAs, feel free to read several different takes from The Good Men Project: here and here and [...]

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