Missing Malcolm X

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About Preston Moore

Preston Moore was a trial lawyer for twenty-five years, retiring in 2000. He soon found his way to seminary and became a minister. He expects to be in the religion business for the rest of his days.


  1. Tom Matlack says:

    Preston thank you for this reminder of where we come from and where we have to go. I was recently involved in Scottsboro Boys on Broadway http://goodmenproject.com/ethics-values/in-defense-of-the-scottsboro-boys/ and saw how much Malcolm is still right about how whites view blacks, blacks view themselves, and racism is still alive and well.

  2. Thanks for this article. I’ve been a big admirer of Malcolm X since my early 20s and still get frustrated that so many others incorrectly think he was a militant racist, rather than recognizing him for the inspiring revolutionary thinker that he was. R.I.P. Malcolm, your work lives on in many of us.

  3. My favorite non fiction book is The Autobiography of Malcolm X. I read it for the first time, when I was 18 years old, a freshman in college. I read it again, about six months ago. I learned even more the last time I read it. What Malcolm X actually taught is self reliance. I think men of all colors, backgrounds, and religions could study Malcolm X and get valuable lessons is being strong for yourself and your family.

    Thanks for column.

  4. I have recently come across some of Malcolm X’s work and I must admit that as a young African, I appreciate the fact that he stood for what any human being should aspire to stand for. He was smart, articulate, proud and he knew what he was fighting for. I see him as one of greatest man that has ever lived and we were blessed to have his contribution towards building an ideal world for all mankind. May his soul rest in peace.

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