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  1. ….Important.

  2. Im so sorry that happened. I talk tough about not helping women but if I saw that happen I’d attack them. You must have been so scared. Have you thought about taking self-defense classes?

    My ex-girlfriend used to have really bad panic attacks and I always felt so helpless. I wished I could go back in time and fight for her when she really needed me, but all I could do was get her a pill from her purse and watch in fear while she hyperventilated.

  3. Thank you for putting this into words…I know I suffer from the same…I just shut down…but no one would really know what’s going on inside my head…

    I got into karate psychotherapy and it has helped me enormously….I still panic when I go up against a new male sparring partner….I have to not look him in the eyes…instead I have to concentrate on his throat and try to focus on how to block his punches….

    In my weakest moments, I imagine that I still see my ex stalking me in a blue wagon in my neighborhood, even though I know that it is statistically unlikely that the random car passing by does not contain him…I try to focus on my life and my son now….I try not to look up at every passing car on my block and keep the conversation going between me and my son on our walk home from school…

    Thank you for writing this…how few people understand what goes on inside our panic-stricken heads….

  4. Mr. Nervous Toes says:

    Thanks for sharing anonymous. I’ve been on the creepy and unsettling other side of triggering panic attacks in women a couple of times and having no clue why, and not knowing what I could do to help. Sadly I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s not much to be done as a man except stop whatever actions are triggering them in that woman.

    I will make one suggestion and that is you look into cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for panic attacks / social anxiety. There are audio courses out there that you can download and listen to in your own home, and I think they would help you a lot to regain your sense of control. I don’t know what’s good for panic disorder, but Dr. Richards has a good one for social anxiety. A little Google and Amazon searching might turn up something helpful. Once you feel safer in your home, then Leia’s suggestion of something physical (like self-defense or yoga) would be a good next step.

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