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About Brandon Ferdig

Brandon Ferdig is writer from Minneapolis, MN. He shares his personal growth pieces, human interest stories, and commentary at his blog. He is currently writing a book titled New Plateaus in China, a compilation of travelogue, personal experience, human interest, and social observations from China. You can follow Brandon on Twitter @brandonferdig.


  1. Excellent article, thanks! There are billion dollar industries that profit off of taking people out of the present… advertisers want you to think about how much better your life would be in the future if you had their product; news media plays on fear, outrage, and schadenfreude to get ratings; video games and entertainment provide escapism… I find myself wanting to chronicle every awesome experience (as it is happening) on Facebook, until I realize that I’m not in the moment when I do this. None of this is bad in moderation, but I feel like our culture is becoming consumed by these things. I try to stay mindful and set an example for my kids, and show them the wonder in experiencing the present.

    • Derek,

      Great example with Facebook. I do the same thing with photos–especially when I travel. Sometimes I spend too much time behind the lens–thinking about the people I can share it with down the road–rather than just enjoying the scene. : /


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