Rich Man, Poor Man

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About Carl Pettit

Carl Pettit is a writer, illustrator and musician whose education and travels have taken him all over the world. When not out exploring, or pondering the universe, he finds time to produce fiction for both adults and children. You can catch up with him on his blog, or twitter.


  1. The difference between rich and poor is remarkable everywhere in this world. Life is not fair. It depends on your good or bad luck. We cannot choose our parents, we cannot choose how we are born.

    So far I have rarely seen rich people considering the poor by restricting themselves, not in rich countries and not in poor countries.

    On the other side – the side of the poor – there are clearly people who are innocent poor with no chance to change their life to the better, but to be honest, there are also many poor people, who are simply said nothing but lazy and totally unwilling to work hard and to change their life-style.

  2. WillBest says:

    You can’t choose your parents but you can do things to dramatically improve your situation in life. And they are relatively simple things. Sure you might not ever make it to be rich, you might not even make it to the top 20% but you can still pull yourself out of the gutter, if that is where you are born. Half the battle is just believing you can do it.

    Both my wife and I deal with all kinds of people from every socioeconomic status pretty regularly and the one thing I can say based on what I have seen and what I hear from my wife is that a comfortable majority of the people that are poor are that way by some choice. Either they overspend, underwork, or just don’t take the time to manage life properly. That being said there are still a good chunk of poor that are mentally ill/disabled or just plain unlucky (ie. medical bankruptcy) that really are deserving of charity and support. But for the most part if you give a lot of people an extra $10,000 a year they will end up in the same financial straight jacket they are in now, just with nicer things.

    The thing is this isn’t confined to low wage earners, though they are more likely to have hardships. I know families with 100-300k in income that have less than 50k net worth and are carrying credit card debt because they can’t afford the $600 mechanics bill or to buy a new refrigerator when it breaks. So being bad with money is equal opportunity the high earners are just able to hide their financial stupidity easier.

    It seems like your understanding of worth is somewhat limited. You seem to be under the impression that the billionaires could have just taken a pay cut and given more to their low wage employees. This is not how billions are made. They are made by founders of companies that own and control the loin’s share of the stock. Stock which they acquired when the company was worth nothing. Outside the occasional JK Rowlings or Oprah, most billionaires aren’t handed straight cash and their net worth is the result of the organic growth of the company. Sure they could give it away (along with control of their company), but who would they give it to? Most the billionaires are in areas where the entry level employees get paid pretty well. The engineers in silicon valley aren’t exactly hurting.

  3. There’s always the force option. If they take too much without sharing, then kick them out of society or steal their stuff. No one owes them safety if their actions are directly harming the safety of others by taking needed resources away from others via dishonest means.

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