Temper Tantrum Terrorists

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  1. Great read.
    We are going through something similar with our daughter (5-years-old). Boy, it’s a lot easier (for all of us) to preach than it is to practice. Until recently, we chalked-up a lot of her behavior to fatigue at the end of the day. But, as a friend recently point out (she’s living through this with a 9-year-old), fatigue doesn’t equate to the absence of responsibility on the part a child.
    We’re holding firm, and mostly hoping it’s a stage she’ll grow out of.
    In the meantime, our friend has a book on raising ‘spirited’ children; I’m gonna pick it up this week.

  2. “Comforter in chief” is an interesting title. Certain schools of thought would suggest that teacher and comforter in chief are actually one and the same. As parents, I think we must remember that teaching our children should not be motivated by our own inconvenience or embarrassment, particularly when tantrums are involved, and maybe helping our kids self-regulate their heightened emotions is better for their long-term development and well being. Physical discipline (although only implied by the article) teaches them another thing entirely… (this coming from the parent who spanked their 3yr old in a car park yesterday after destroying my iPhone case in a playground tantrum. … Sigh.)

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