The Difference Between Want and Need

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Russell Perkins is an online education professional by day and by night a writer of military history essays, book reviews, and encyclopedia entries with contributions featured in On Point: The Journal of Army History and the online George Washington Encyclopedia. He makes his home in Independence, Missouri.


  1. Air, water, food, shelter etc…

    Otherwise, I guess the tendency is to view one’s own priorities as needs and other’s priorities as wants.

  2. Hmm clean a toilet, 2 minute job! Then it’s game-time!

  3. “Why should a man clean his toilet rather than play video games?”

    So many ways one could answer.

    Because fun is overrated?
    Because it’s just going to get dirty again?
    Because have you SEEN the state of the average toilet in Fallout 3?
    Because the game mechanics of my toilet are crap?
    Erm….a man chooses, a slave obeys?

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