What If My Son Doesn’t Like Star Wars?

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Neil is a former journalist, current copywriter and eternal master of the ancient art of word ninjitsu. He has a degree in philosophy that has left him hugely opinionated on any subject you care to mention. He is also a genuine geek with a passion for comics, science fiction and terrible movies. As such, he runs the cult-movie blog The Day Hollywood Stood Still and contributes to New Empress magazine. He lives in England with his wife and baby son, and spends most of his free time eating Mexican food and grooming his famous ginger beard.


  1. Cool. Its also about exposing kids to heroes / movies they can either embrace or be indifferent to…we would be remiss to not introduce them to iconic and classic themes. My 3 1/2 year old has been watching clone and star wars since 3 months old…loves it… other stuff not so much so we don’t force it but at least he knows its out there

  2. Frank Steven Gimenez says:

    Here’s the best way to the Star Wars movie to someone new to it:

  3. To the title, adopt :P

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