Wishing You a Happy End of the World

What if we woke up this morning and everyone saw the world differently?

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

I just came from my meditation cushion. Today is end-of-the-world day and it seemed a good idea to start my last day meditating. Of course I don’t believe the world will end but I really like the idea of entering a new era although I am afraid that even that will be very hard to notice. Still, how amazing would it be if we would be part and witness of a global shift in consciousness, which is the other explanation of the perceived importance of this date.

Imagine people all over the world literally waking up to a new paradigm. In the morning they open their eyes and they realize that the world is the same only they see it differently. Instead of threats they see beauty, instead of greed they feel a desire to share, instead of a need for validation they feel moved to serve others. And this would happen to people all over the planet, from shoe shiners in Delhi to entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, tribesmen in Ghana and housewives in Philadelphia. It would happen to Vladimir Putin, Robert Mugabe, Mitt Romney and the Pope. It would happen to skinheads, inmates, criminals and prostitutes. Media from all over the world would be busy reporting cases of spiritual transformation. Former enemies would enter in constructive dialogue and come up with compassionate and selfless solutions faster than television could cover.

Just writing this makes me smile. It would be so fascinating. It would mean that the Mayans where right all along. It would mean that we would be alive during the most fascinating turning point of humanity thus far. Instead of being in awe about a man on the moon or the rise of mass media and mass communication we would be able to witness and experience transformation inside ourselves and inside our fellow human beings. It would be like if a society of billions of earth destroying caterpillars would unexpectedly start turning into butterflies. First a couple, then more and then the process would gain momentum and you would find massive amounts of butterflies everywhere. Man, life would be awesome for years.

Imagine coming home one day to find out that your parents became enlightened, or one of your brothers or your ex-husband. Imagine the amazing relief when all that unsaid suddenly was allowed out in a peaceful way. Imagine all the healing conversations that would take place inside families, tribes, companies and governments. Imagine the plans for a dam in the Amazon rain forest being canceled and all the stake holders being understanding, apologetic and constructive. A new plan would be created, this time sustainable and compassionate, in harmony with nature and beneficial to those who need it the most.

I can go on and on. And the funny thing is that it is all within our reach. It is possible. When we transcend the idea of deficit, when we transcend the idea that something is lacking, that we are inadequate, that we need to protect ourselves from not having enough, we will be able to see what we could not see before. We would be able to experience the love that is inside us, the connection with the whole that we are already manifesting and the purpose of our lives.

It would be very nice if the lining up of the planets would give humanity a push in the right direction. It would solve a big problem. Everybody wants to be a good human being but nobody wants to get the short end of the stick. Not many of us have the courage to go ahead. As long as we are wealthy we don’t mind some money going to poor people or underdeveloped countries. It makes us feel good about ourselves. But the minute we experience some sort of sacrifice or loss we panic. Let somebody else do the painful stuff, we think. We all care about the rain forest but we all like beautiful furniture, wooden floors and flying to far and cheap destinations by airplane. We are afraid that if we let go of our greed somebody else will ‘abuse our naivete’ and it would leave us empty-handed and humiliated. But if millions of us would drop their greed at the same time and we would have this huge, worldwide generosity party it would be different. Joining in would be liberating, inspiring and transforming.

We will see how it unfolds. Every movement in the right direction will be already amazing. And if nothing noticeable happens the subtle changes will continue to happen. It is our birthright and Divine duty to wake up and there is always a movement inside us going in that direction. There is always a chance that the Universe aligns in such a way that transformation just happens.

I wish you a happy end of the era of ego, fear and greed and a beautiful start of an age of wisdom and compassion! May the world never be the same!


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