The Spirituality of #Occupy

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About Jack Varnell

Jack Varnell is a writer, poet, photographer
and social media addict living in the suburbs
of Atlanta, GA.

He is a regular contributor at
various online publications.

He can be found:
Twitter, @jackvarnell
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  1. erinrbyrne says:

    Wow. I Loved this Article- want Jack Varnell to run as an Honest Citizen Rep. for the House of Representatives! I hope he considers it… This article seems to me to be powerfully inspirational yet somehow unfinished…I felt the need 2 bring up the #GOooh movement, plz give it a listen, Jack–I really believe in changing the world, and getting the career politicians replaced with Honest Citizens is a revolutionary idea, yet absolutely within our reach.

    Take a moment, Jack, and ALL who have a shred of hope left that WE can take power, 2 glance at and see if anything sparks your interest… I think it’s got a fighting chance if people like you & I–PEOPLE LIKE ANYONE (excluding the liars we have in office now) will join together & tell the politicians to Get Out Of Our House! (G.O.O.O.H.) Keep fighting for the world to be right! Thanks :)

  2. Jack Varnell says:

    Thanks very much Erin. You are correct, it is not completed. This journey won’t be until it…is I appreciate the kind words and hope you will continue to come around. Lots of inspiration to be had here. Will check out G.O.O.O.H., but dont think I qualify to get in the House of Reps…

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