Three Things We Can Learn From Mitt Romney about Bullying

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Jeremy Adam Smith is the author of The Daddy Shift, co-editor of the new anthology Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood and founder of the blog Daddy Dialectic. He lives in San Francisco and works as Web Editor for the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center. Follow him on Twitter at @jeremyadamsmith.


  1. It is quite interesting that there was enough info out there to give us an inkling of the kind of president GW Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama to be. Unfortunately, we’re always being urged to ignore these insights and to focus on poll-driven campaign positions crafted by committees and staffers.

  2. natureartist says:

    It is amazing what a little journalistic investigation can find out about a candidate. The media provides an invaluable service to this country. I just wish they had been as vigilant in actually trying to find out who Barak Obama is. Here we are, almost to the next election, and we still don’t know what is on his College transcripts or in his writings from College. And he will not release them. Just one example of the many things the media doesn’t care to know or emphasize about Obama. I guess what they don’t know can’t hurt him.

    President Obama is allowed to evolve into a hero in just three years, but we can all safely assume that Romney cannot evolve from what he was in high school decades ago? What’s 40 or 50 years anyway? Are we to assume that even into our sixth decade, we are the exact same person we were as a teenager? Do we not all learn and evolve? God help us if we don’t. Maybe it is only liberal democrats who evolve.

    Now if we can only get some dirt on Romney’s Kindergarten days!

    • Copyleft says:

      “Maybe it is only liberal democrats who evolve.”

      Well, it is only far-right Republicans who deny evolution….

  3. Well, actually, natureartist, I’d say the investigation into Obama goes to a point a little earlier than Kindergarten. It started with his birth–and his birth certificate.

    And I think you need to read the piece. It’s actually about personal evolution, and what Romney’s comments as an adult reveal about his character right now.

    • A far more recent indication of Romney’s character can seen when he basically shut down Bain Capital, flew the entire staff down to NYC and worked to find his employee’s daughter. Doesn’t sound like an unredeemed bully to me…

      • Wait…did that happen before or after Romney laid off 850 people at Dade Behring and walked away with $250 million in profits? It seems I’m not the only one who loses track of these things.

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