What Chaucer Can Teach Us About ‘The War On Men’

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  1. Feminism sure loves to try dodge the blame huh. There are feminists who ARE to blame for some problems men face, I myself listened too much to radical feminists and it helped give me a fear of hitting on women because I don’t want to make them uncomfy and heard too often that men were pigs, men were this, men were that. Male sexuality has copped a fucking beating n a half from feminism and very rarely do I see it being celebrated or talked about in a positive way. And yes I am going to generalize about feminism here to highlight the absurdity of positive generalizations of feminism.

    There are gendered domestic violence laws which do harm men and feminist led actions n activism which helped to create a domestic violence industry which often fails men, fails to raise awareness of male victimization and female perpetration. Feminism has helped cause men to feel ashamed of their sexuality where feminists will speak negatively and generalize about porn, feminists saying all men are rapists, feminism which calls for aborting male fetus’s to reduce men to 10% of the population.

    But no, not all feminists do this yet how often do you see “top 10 things feminism has done for men?” where they generalize about feminism doing good for men, yet it’s somehow bad to generalize about how feminism has harmed men. Some parts of feminism are great, but some parts are downright evil and yes there are parts which have had a negative impact on quite a lot of men so yes there are feminists to blame for some of men’s issues.

  2. Mr Supertypo says:

    I think we should have the 10 good thing feminism have done for men (this time seriously) and the ten bad things feminist have done for men. So we can speak about it, debate, and have a better understanding on why some people love and other hates feminism. I dont think its a good idea focusing only at the pro and forget the cons.

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