“Would You Kill Hitler?” And Other Important Questions of Manhood

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About Dale Thomas Vaughn

After a decade of leading more than 150 award-winning men’s workshops, Dale has fine-tuned a 5 step program that has transformed entire communities of men who are looking for a team, a clear direction, and a chance to connect and mentor other men while having fun in the process. As seen on CNN Live, CBS “Texans With Character,” and in the LA Weekly, Dale has been proclaimed as “a man of quality and one of the leaders of men of quality” by best-selling author and top feminist attorney Gloria Allred. In addition to founding The EmpowerMentorship Institute, Dale also works with universities and fraternities to prevent sexual assault on campus. Reach Dale at EmpowerMentorship.com or MenWithIntegrity.com.


  1. Mr Supertypo says:

    I dont think I will kill him, but I will put a blond wig on my head, and slowly slide down from heaven and pose myself as the superior Aryan god from the future, convincing him not to go to war and let go all these racial supremacy bs. Killing him will have as the only result, to martyr out of him and perhaps putting another extremist even more dangerous than him.

  2. Be careful – it might not work out the way you expect.


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