20 Things a Father Should Tell His Son

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During the work week the author is a mild-mannered dentist, but after work and on weekends he transforms into DORKDADDY!! When time allows he writes about raising two... wait, no three healthy, well-adjusted kids, while passing on a love of all things geek. His blog can be found at www.dorkdaddy.com


  1. Regarding #3, science doesn’t expand your mind? Please.

  2. 10, 11, and 20 are all good ingredients for creating a frustrated and bitter nice guy who sits on the sidelines while other guys have many relationships with women.

    • Let me tell you something about my boyfriend regarding no. 10 and 11.He was what many would call a “Casanova” or a “Don Juan”. But he did everything while respecting those rules. I think that if he could have many relationships while respecting those rules then everybody can.
      You may ask me how I know this. That’s because I was his friend for quite some time before being his girlfriend.
      Regarding no.20 I will never be his mother. I am his friend, his girlfriend, I may be his wife someday and/or the mother of our children but I will never be his mother.
      If you are asking yourself if he agrees with what I’m typing the answer is yes.

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