Adults Play, Too: A Movie on a Smartphone

Many have argued that technology is detrimental to our communication. However, a new short film may prove otherwise.

Creative expression has taken a new twist. Adults have come out to play … with their smartphones. Olive is the first full length movie to be shot on an smartphone, a Nokia N8. You can watch the first five minutes of the film above.

I love the grassroots feel of the this movie. Not only was it shot on a cellphone, it was financed for only $500k.  This is a piddly amount in an era of movies like Avatar that cost approximately $280 million to make or Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End which cost about $300 million.

So what do viewers get for a mere $500k?  It’s a tidy, quirky little film that is beautifully shot. It proves once again that bigger is not always better. Olive is also the first independently funded film to be screened at more than 2,000 movie theaters across the country, so be sure to check if it is nearby.

While movies that make a big splash are fun to watch, in these lean economic times, this film is a reminder that the tool we have right in our pocket may be worth more than all the millions poured into a blockbuster hit.  Isn’t it time adults started to play again? Isn’t it time we started to create instead of worry? Is there anything else that we really need right now to start playing and expressing ourselves? The only thing that has ever led us out of darkness is our own ingenuity. A movie like this is gentle reminder that we have all the tools we will ever need to express ourselves, create, and play.

Originally appeared at Let Children Play.

—Photo philcampbell/Flickr

About Megan Rosker

Megan Rosker is the mom of three young children, a former teacher and ed and play advocate. She writes about how to change education and the culture of childhood in America. Her advocacy has been featured in the New York Times and she is the recent recipient of the Daily Points of Light Award.


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