Amazon’s Parenting Program: Where Are the Dads?

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Oren Miller was born in Israel, then moved to London when he was 22 to become a rock star. After his bass guitar was stolen, he quit the band to follow his American girlfriend to Maryland, got himself two Pit Bulls, made two babies, and started a blog. Other than blogging for Blogger Father, he has written for the Baltimore Sun and for Redbook magazine.


  1. John Anderson says:


  2. Also signed. I’ve got nothing against moms, our family just happens not to have one. Amazon could set a great example in this small way, but putting equal value (and responsibility) on all parents and families, regardless of gender or family make-up.

  3. Here’s more Amazon absurdity. Stay at Home Brad recieved an email from Amazon Moms with a picture of a dad. So they’re kinda paying attention. I think. Maybe. Hmm. Err…


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