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About Brian Sorrell

Brian Sorrell has worked as a cook, typist, computer programmer, woodworker, bicycle repairman, and university lecturer, all of which inadequately prepared him for his current full-time role as Dad. In February 2012, the family packed up their house in California and relocated to Auckland, where he now specialises in chasing his always-on-the-run son, drinking coffee, and recording his adventures at “Dadding Full Time” (


  1. I’ve been feeling a lot of this lately, too – I think because our school year is ending and my big girl is going on to the next school in the fall. It’s time for her to start doing more for herself, and looking to others to get her to what she needs to know, where she needs to be . I have to trust that because of all I’ve put in to raising her so far, she’s ready. Even if I’m not. Oh, how I wish we can freeze this wonderful time.

  2. This made me cry a little bit. Well, more than a little bit. I hope I have the courage to let my little birdie fly when he’s ready.

  3. John Peterson says:

    That was awesome…well said Brian. Thanks for making me tear up to start the first week of summer break for my guy…gearing up for the 4th grade…just had birthday #9 same as his shoe size…boy how time flies…miss you guys! Having a child sure makes the “adult” stuff we all deal with in our day to day haze a lot less significant.

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