Patching a Hole in a Damaged Psyche: A Teenager Learns to Change

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About Pauline Gaines

Pauline Gaines is the pseudonym of a blogger who writes about divorce, custody, and complicated children. She has survived all three subsisting primarily on caffeine, chocolate, and red wine. Her second husband is a saint. Visit her at Perils of Divorced Pauline or on Twitter @divorcedpauline.


  1. i’ve been reading these and have been touched by the journey you are all going through, and your willingness to be there for your son and to work with him to help him shape his future

  2. Such an incredibly moving piece. I know everything you’re doing will be for the best and when Luca is an adult, he will understand how much you love him.

  3. I wonder what Prince would think if he knew. I don’t mean about the blog, I mean about his son, his difficulties, and what just transpired at the camp. It is unfortunate that all of us can sometimes get so wrapped up in our own feelings, our own thoughts and our own lives, we completely forget about everyone else. What I mean is that we have our moments but do come around. Then there are those who never come around, who never see anybody else’s perspective, who never “empathise”.

  4. “prickly wilderness things” … ha, love that about you … Stay the course and keep us informed

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