My Daughter’s Crappy Artwork

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About Dave Lesser

Dave Lesser is a former attorney who much prefers his job as a stay at home dad to two hilarious and adorable children. He is lucky to have an awesome wife who indulges and supports his obsessions, which currently include running Spartan Races and writing his blog Amateur Idiot/Professional Dad. Follow him on Twitter @AmateurIdiot.


  1. Great article. I am an artist and former art teacher and my daughter is in the same boat. Her drawings are amazing and while I know all the stages of artistic development, I have a hard time letting go of a lot of these things mostly because I can see the different stages in her artwork but also because I am a pack rat and I passed it on to her. She gets so attached to these things that she creates. And while it is really hard to just throw these things away, if I didn’t we would be on the new Hoarders buried by artwork. The sheer number of things that my daughter creates, not including all the crap she brings home from school is astounding. I try to purge while she is at pre-school and in most cases she doesn’t notice but I always say “You can always make another one” which she does constantly.

  2. Alyssa Royse says:

    Right there with you…. WE did a lot of tossing. Before I realized we could have done a lot of scanning……

  3. I recycle most everything. My wife gets very upset with me but the amount of crap that comes home from school, preschool and day care is ridiculous. Do know how many times my mom and I have sat down and looked at my precious art work. NOT ONCE, NEVER. My wife has boxes of crap from her younger years that her parents dropped off at our house one day. Do you think she has ever opened the boxes? The fact that I toss everything hasn’t stymied their artistic talents. If anything, its encouraged it.

  4. My son gets sent home from daycare with artwork that was either very clearly completed by his teachers or is a couple of scribble doodles on a page meant for coloring. I feel like a dick, but I fold them up and toss them all out at this point (he just turned two). When he starts making pictures or wanting feedback on his art, I won’t callously toss everything away. But at this point, it’s just paper.

  5. Facebook commenter Lisa wrote: “There is a great ap called ArtKive. You take pics of the artwork, it stores them, and you can have it printed in a book. This helps me toss all of that stuff!!” Never heard of it, thanks!

  6. Awesome article. As a non-parent, I’ve often wondered if all parents REALLY thought their kids were such great artists. So interesting to hear the perspectives of someone finally willing to speak the unspoken! Genius!


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