So Your Wife Gave Birth to a Demon

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About Andy Janning

Andy Janning is an 8-time state and national award winner for excellence in employee and organizational development, and former financial services executive. The founder of NO NET Solutions, he helps clients across the country become better leaders, mentors, and parents. Find out more at and follow him on Twitter at @andyjanning.


  1. Kathryn DeHoyos says:

    Andy, this is FANTASTIC! We just had our second a month ago and after a sleepless weekend this post was exactly what we both needed today! We may not be “new parents” but the reality of having a newborn in the house had faded into a distant memory. Add to that the fact that our first was easy-peasey who slept all the time and almost never cried and our second one is the EXACT OPPOSITE in many ways it feels like we are rookies at the whole “parenting” thing!

    • Thanks Kathryn! My wife had our daughters 14 months apart, so I had ample opportunity to make every single mistake a new dad can make…and probably add to that list every single day. I’m glad this piece blessed you and your husband!

  2. Hi, and thank you for sharing.

    The greatest man who ever lived hung out in a cave for three days, but that’s only because He was dead. Jesus loved His children enough to climb out of the hole and change their world. Do you?
    Well, for a starter, Jesus’ children were old enough to be in charge of their own bowel movements… ;-)

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