Fighting For Your Kid

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About David Pisarra

David T. Pisarra is a nationally recognized Divorce Attorney specializing in Father's and Husband's rights. He is a frequent speaker and author on the law. He writes extensively about what, and how, men need to protect themselves and their children in the family court system. He is the author of three books for men, A MAN'S GUIDE TO DIVORCE STRATEGY, A MAN'S GUIDE TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and A MAN'S GUIDE TO CHILD CUSTODY. His books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and as an ebook at


  1. Good advice, David.

    I’ve been fortunate in a reasonably amicable divorce and de facto wound up with custody of our daughter, but I wonder if the “status quo” legal status applies equally to women. That is, a woman leaves a home and child–do the courts subsequently perceive her to have conceded rights to the home and children, or do women enjoy a limitless right to return?

    In other words, if a woman leaves, what are the legal ramifications for her?

  2. Perry,
    In general, the rules are *supposed* to apply equally. The facts of each case make it difficult to say hard and fast rules, but in over 10 years of fighting for men, I’ve seen it happen that when mom moves out and leaves the children, the court keeps that in place. Much of it all depends on who was the primary caregiver, primary wage earner, is mom working and traveling, is dad, these determinations are not like aritmetic (2+2=4) but more like algebra (1a x 3G = 4z) with a dash of judicial bias thrown in that cannot be accounted for, or regulated.

    That’s why you need an experienced lawyer to give a read on the situation.

  3. I made the same mistake. Sadly, I’m still fighting it, despite the fact that she is remarried to someone with a history of DV with my son in the house. Just because he hasn’t physically harmed my son–yet–I have spent close to $10k trying to get a judge to decide that my home is a more stable environment (it’s been a year, and the only courtroom I’ve seen is when I took out an injunction on behalf of my son). F*&@ the Dept of Children and Families, who admits to “moderate risk,” but won’t remove my son from that house. I feel like the only sane person in the world.

  4. my wife was asked to leave, bipolar and alcohol abuse and running around. i keep kids, pay for her medical bills, her psychiatrist, her meds, family counseling, and $1000 a month to supplement her income. 4 daughters. LAst friday, she didnt return them and fabricated some abuse letters involving me making the kids do laundry and riding a bike. All bull, but she has the “letters” from the older two and she has the kids. Contempt is filed, but i feel like none of the caring and stability matters – she wants them and takes them no matter and there’s nothing to do legally other than file some papers and wait and see…..meanwhile she if filling their heads with toxic waste.. yes – their rights are unending. i’ve heard this over and over from men. its killing me inside to believe that those beautiful little girls are listening to this bull malarky and now ” dont want to talk to their dada……ugh


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