Forgive Them, Father

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The anonymous blogger behind Registered Runaways: his battle cry is for community. For keepers. For safe people to show up. He calls on his readers to roll up their sleeves, trade tales of their bruises, and deny the lie that we’re alone. You can follow him on Twitter at @registeredruna1.


  1. Jean Brandt says:

    The best part of this story was how clearly portrayed was the love of the father for his son, and vice versa. The terrible part is how people in the Church take so much shame on themselves that is based on nothing but superstitious dogma. But a dad who didn’t give a shit wouldn’t have been so affected by the misinformation video.

  2. The Wet One says:

    Basically it’s this. Churches and religions are made for controlling the masses by manipulating certain points of the human psyche. So they make up shit to get you to do what they want to do and use guilt, shame, sin and a whole bunch of other malarkey to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do. In essence, they’re all a bunch of fucking assholes.

    Now that I’ve put it out there plainly for you, I suggest you go learn about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and accept the blessings of His Noodly Appendage. There’s a little something for everyone there and we all get to go to bar at the end. It’s good mojo. And they don’t try to control your life (but ya gotta have a little pirate in ye, savvy?).

    For my part, I would not forgive them. I mock them mercilessly. Fucking bastards. That said, some are better than others, like the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  3. I find the teachings of The Church frustrating, too…all the emphasis on guilt and sin….assuming that if something bad happens, then it must be because you did something wrong….that guilt and negativity is so paralyzing and stifling…my ex’s sister died in a car accident at age 17; his mother blamed him somehow for her accidental death (“You should have been watching her more carefully”)…that guilt weighed on him the rest of his life…I think sometimes the awful way he treated me was because somehow, some way, he wanted to pass that guilt and blame onto me….It was a weird way for someone to think, especially for someone who said he rejected his religion….I guess the guilt and feeling of sinfulness never leaves a Catholic, does it?

  4. Your father did not deserve that at all, he is such a loving man, the type of father I one day would love to be. I hope he can get past this one day.

  5. GREAT post!
    I was touched and pissed ath the same time.

  6. It is sad but this scene is happening all over the world.

    Your Dad is caught between two world views. It is really sad that the people around him are trying to put the blame on him. There are no easy answers for this situation. When I was in High School I suffered a lot of gay bashing because of a cousin. I was very proud of my dad for standing up for me during this time.

    Maybe in time your Dad can get over all of the guilt burdening. Things like this is why I left the Baptists when I got to college. Not all churchs are anti-gay.

  7. Men should not accept false labels and attributes given to them by the church or anyone and protest openly – even if it means opposing the church or for that matter any religion, they should do it as we can’t be expected to be self sacrificing and being ridiculed and considered disposable at the same time –


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