Fridge Wisdom: The State(s) of Same-Sex Marriage

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About Brent Almond

Brent Almond is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, owner/creative director of Design Nut. He's also a non-award-winning father of a toddler, which he writes about (along with stuff about same-sex parent families, adoption, cool kids' products, and lots of cute pics of his son) on his blog Designer Daddy. Brent tweets about daddy stuff @Designer Daddy and about design stuff @The DesignNut. You can also find him on Facebook


  1. Kathryn DeHoyos says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you Brent!

  2. PursuitAce says:

    One person’s victory is another one’s failure. I’ll admit victory when the government is out of the marriage business.

  3. LOVE this journey showing we are the sum of our parts. You could get a bigger fridge to hold more cake!

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