Fathers Stress Less Than Moms When Thinking About Family Because Science

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Zach Rosenberg is a husband and father living in Southern California. He is co-founder of
fatherhood news site 8BitDad.com, and a contributor to HLNtv.com. You can also find him on Twitter @zjrosenberg.


  1. I would like to write a much more thoughtful reply. But to summarize my thoughts quickly: Oh, come on! On so many levels:

    a. The segmentation of this study ignored so many kinds of families and parents it is ludicrous. This says it right here (from the article):

    “Most parents in the 500 Family Study are highly educated, employed in professional occupations, and work, on average, longer hours and report higher earnings than do middle-class families in other, nationally representative samples.”

    So basically, they looked at (from what I can surmised) higher earning, two-income-family parents. I could make many more suppositions to study about stress levels in men and women other than “family” in this demographic.

    b. Men are not screaming at brands to show more dads to reduce pressure on moms. We are doing that to better reflect that men are active parents, not dolts standing around whilst their infant children poop themselves with pudding on their faces sitting in a high chair.

    I suppose there is some truth in the study mentioned for many folks, but I don’t buy the essence of the summary points in the article.

  2. I think it’s all those things, although I always tend to lean more toward nurture than nature when it comes to gender differences. Maybe there’s some kind of hormonal balance that allows men to function more calmly in a parenting role, but my guess is it has mostly to do with gender learning and expectations. I’m not a parent, but had about two years as a step parent, and I was probably more stressed out than most dads would be. I attribute most of my stress, though, to the mother whose own stress and parenting choices I had to deal with. I found being a dad so much nicer when it was just me and the kids.

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