Homo’s Odyssey

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About William Lucas Walker

William Lucas Walker is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer whose television credits include Frasier, Will & Grace and Roseanne. He co-created the critically-acclaimed Showtime comedy The Chris Isaak Show. He and his husband Kelly are the parents of Elizabeth and James, born in 2001 and 2005. The children were gratified by the legal marriage of their parents in 2008, an event that rescued them from a life of ruinous bastardry.
Spilled Milk follows WLW's adventures in Daddyland. It is the first recurring humor column by an LGBT parent to appear in a mainstream national publication. Spilled Milk has been regularly promoted to Featured Blog status on HuffPo's front page, as well as in the Politics, Comedy, Parenting, Huff/Post50 and Gay Voices sections. New columns are published monthly.
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  1. What a wonderful story! Funny how first impression can be so wrong sometimes, and in the best of ways!

  2. Valter Viglietti says:

    Thank you!
    Really nice, funny and heart-warming story! :)

    God bless your family (and your car ;) ).

  3. I just wanted to say…I got the joke about the laptop and I just assumed you must use a roaster oven when you cook your turkey, they’re much faster. Any idea on Ford Escapes? I ask because it never occurred to me that Fritz, my bright yellow escape might be gay….I feel terrible not even giving it any though till now. Am I a horrible car owner?

  4. LOVED THIS!! and am assuming that my gorgeous purple Honda Stream is also Gay!

  5. frank mundo says:

    JUst a totally lovely story.

  6. Hi fellow (former?) Odyssey owner. I just traded in my 2000 (The Peace Pickle) with 261,000 + miles on it for a newer rig. Odysseys have a dirty little secret that may be referred to as “When trannies go bad….” This post warmed my heart. Books and covers don’t always match up. I hope that your family has many more family trip adventures and that you made it to our fine city eventually. And I truly hope that in our lifetimes these trends towards tolerance culminate in the tide turning forever in the favor of love.
    Blessings on your family.

  7. This is a wonderful story, and a great thing to wake up to first thing in the morning. A lot of people forget or don’t realize that judgement, negative assumptions, preconceived notions, and even discrimination can happen to anyone, anywhere. I’ve known people and try to be one myself who are open and understanding no matter what. Blessings be for you and your family. You seem like a great dad.

  8. A good lesson. I found your description of Jesse extremely judgmental, which I think was part of your point. Though, it was hard to tell if you completely recognised the irony/bigitory in the way you felt towards him. Have to agree that the laptop joke wasn’t that clear. I’m really happy that your children were able to experience this.

  9. Wait, you have kids, and did WHAT while DRIVING?

    I have enough of an issue with people who talk on their cell phones while driving, but driving with a latop open, and working on writing, while driving? Come on people. I don’t have a problem with people who do stupid things that endanger themselves. Risk is a personal choice. But you do something stupid, while driving, and get into an accident, and hurt or kill ME, I’m gonna be PISSED.

    That being said, enjoyable article, and I’m glad you didn’t judge someone by their outer appearance.

  10. THANK YOU! fabulous story, and the joke on the computer was awesome deadpan…
    I too am concerned about the turkey cooking time…..

    the rest of it , I knew there was some secret inner life of minivans, and not just hey look what we bred vehicles…


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