Is Dad Blogging a Kind of Ambulance Chasing?

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About Zach Rosenberg

Zach Rosenberg is a husband and father living in Southern California. He is co-founder of
fatherhood news site, and a contributor to You can also find him on Twitter @zjrosenberg.


  1. Great piece, Zach. Though I’m disappointed that I will never hear your take on “The Daddy Issue Lurking in Your Home That Could Kill Your Family and End the World… Find Out What It Is After Sports and the Weather…” I bet it would’ve been awesome. :)

    • Oh, I didn’t say I was done blogging – just might not chime in on the princess thing! Besides, we all know the daddy issue lurking in our homes that could kill our families and end the world is clearly cut onions. According to Facebook in the last two weeks, at least.

  2. ((sigh)) It’d read a lot better if you’d have written that SOME dad bloggers are like digital ambulance chasers. There are others of us that write about what we want, when we want, and do our best to remain clueless about the latest meme or debate.

    Just sayin…

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