Live Video Vasectomy: Reservoir Dad Keeps It Above the Neck During His No Scalpel Procedure

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About Reservoir Dad

I’m an almost forty, stay at home Dad, married to Reservoir Mum. Four boys under seven, a dog named Ekko, a guinea pig and rabbit named Nugget and Chips, a Tarago called Mighty, and a robotic vacuum named Wilson. For several years I’ve written about the million things that live inside the above paragraph while simultaneously fantasising about myself as a pop icon from the 1980s. You can find most of it atReservoir Dad. I’ve also written for many mags. Finished several unpublished novels. Some published short stories. Some poems about ducks. Join the Reservoir Dad Facebook Page ( and follow me on Twitter (


  1. [...] once wrote an entire article on shaving my genitals, videotaped my own vasectomy as it was happening and have posted photos of myself ironing naked and dancing in boxer shorts (for [...]

  2. [...] his quest for truth, meaning and comedy. For instance, after having his fourth son, he filmed his vasectomy live, keeping everything above the neck, fortunately. We ran the Australian’s guide to domestic [...]

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