My Multicultural Family

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About Seán Flynn

Seán Flynn is a London-Irish writer. Pornography recycling in Bermondsey paper mills; interviewing soldiers in Helmand; visiting high-security prisons and international arms fair are among the highs and lows of Flynn’s varied working life. In between times, he has earned a living as a postman, a chef, a roofer and a very thirsty sportswriter. His fiction and reportage can be found on his own site The Rusty Wire Service where he writes under the pseudonym The Deptford Croppy.


  1. an interesting read, thanks

    I entered a world where hordes of cousins gather at regular family events; where everyone older is respectfully referred to as “Auntie” or “Uncle”; where women rule the roost but let men think they’re in charge.

  2. As a product of a mixed marriage I enjoyed this post immensely. God bless!

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