My Tribute to My Mom for Mother’s Day

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About Art Eddy

Art is a stay at home dad. He has two beautiful girls and loves every moment with them. He writes for a few sites, Life of Dad, Yahoo, GuySpeed, Simply Syndicated. Art has two podcasts. One called Masters of None and one on the Life of Dad website. You can also follow him on Twitter at @DadatworkNJ.


  1. I know how you feel (in fact I have a post in submission process right now about it).

    My own mom died about 8 years ago and even now her birthday, the day she died, and Mother’s Day are the three hardest days of the year for me. For a long time I just closed myself off from the world in those days (unless I had to work) and its been a struggle to stop doing that. (Its hard to not want to close yourself off from the world on Mother’s Day considering that reminders of it are all over the place).

    Remember what she taught you and don’t let your heart close itself off when this day comes around.

    • Thanks Danny. I appreciate your response and I will take your words to heart. It has been tough these past few months but I have family to lean on.

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