In Support of Dads: Joining the Parenting Equality Conversation

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About Heather Gray

As a therapist, Heather Gray guides people from ambivalence toward change so they can be actively and effectively engaged in their own lives. When men and are looking for mental health support, they often find advice and articles geared toward women.  Heather, a member of the GMP Marriage Editorial team, fills the gap with her straightforward approach.  Join her in changing the conversation on Google, and Twitter. Gray is available for individual and couples counseling in Wakefield, Mass.


  1. krishnabrodhi says:

    My deepest gratitude to you for sharing this piece!!! <3

  2. heather I really like this article, my name is Jerome Marquez and I belong to an organization (Dads of Douglas County) in Lawrence Kansas to help, support and Advocate for dads, we share the same thoughts as you do. Bottom line “Fathers Matter”. I hope I can be in contact with you. Thank you


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