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About Erin Margolin

Erin Margolin resides in Fairway, KS, and is a native New Orleanian. She's a writer, a bookworm, the mom to twin girls plus one, and makes a mean challah. You can find her writing on her personal blog, The Road to My Writer Roots. She is also the co-founder---along with Amie Shea and Jared Karol---of The Gay Dad Project, an exploration of the changing family dynamics when one parent comes out of the closet.


  1. Thank you, Justin, and all the staff at The Good Men Project, for sharing my letter to Jared and links to our other posts and blogs. This means a great deal to me/us and I’m honored to be featured on your site. It came as a complete surprise and I’m sitting in a Starbucks crying. I hope our words reach out and help someone…or many someones…

    Thank you again. This made my week.

  2. This made me cry. I don’t know why. I’m fighting to catch the tears before they mess up my mascara. Thank you for being open and speaking out. I know that your experiences and your speaking out will help others. So proud of the work that you are doing.



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