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About Megan Rosker

Megan Rosker is the mom of three young children, a former teacher and ed and play advocate. She writes about how to change education and the culture of childhood in America. Her advocacy has been featured in the New York Times and she is the recent recipient of the Daily Points of Light Award.


  1. Megan Said – “Paterno has said we should pray for these boys. At this point he is probably best served praying for himself. His statement reeks of his belief that he and his fellow coaches are above the law. ”

    Praying is one option – Law is another – but both tend to make matters external, when it’s the internal of those abused that needs the real support.

    Did you know December 1-8, 2011 is Male Abuse Awareness Week

    A New Awareness Campaign is Being Held to Help Abused Boys and Young Men

    An awareness campaign has been launched by the P. Luna Foundation, called “Male Abuse Awareness Week” every December 1st through the 8th. Scheduled the first week of December, this campaign shines light on the neglected cause of abused males during the holiday season when statistically domestic tensions rise. All forms of child abuse are considered in this effort.

  2. Alan D. Dennison says:

    This reads like every other uneducated facebook post Ive seen regarding the situation at Penn State. A little late to jump on the speculation band wagon isn’t it? You missed that boat over the last three weeks. Maybe this piece would hold more weight when you actually have some information that is credible (delivered by the legal system). Or you could do a story on Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, or Jerry Sandusk??? But then again, that wouldn’t get as many website hits…

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