Too Much of a Good Thing: When Do You Need a Break From Your Kids?

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About Matthew Treadwell

Matt Treadwell is a freelance writer, editor, and part-time stay-at-home dad. He and his family have been living in Budapest, Hungary for the past ten years, after living and working in Italy, Korea, Mexico, Japan, and England. Soon, though, they'll be packing up shop and moving to Barcelona.

An avid gardener, birdwatcher, hiker, diver, and nature buff, most weekends find Matt and his family either in the garden or in the forest, where he passes his passion for the natural world on to his two young sons. Matt also writes a successful blog called Field Notes from Fatherhood which explores the ins, outs, ups and downs of parenthood, marriage, and travel with kids.


  1. Beautiful essay! I just spent the day with my 9 year old niece (who is sick with a sore throat and cough)….her parents are both busy working, so I blew off a boring conference to spend one on one time with her: getting her medication and candy at the local pharmacy, going to the local zoo (because it was too warm and spectacular to stay inside today), buying soft ice cream with sprinkles, and going to our favorite bookstore in town to get the latest Moshi Monsters book….Every parent needs a break…her mom has been known to sneak away on yoga retreats hours away from here while I tended to her daughter with the flu…and it’s okay…we all have our breaking points…better to ask for help sooner rather than later….!

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