Video: How To Have More Sex With Your Wife


Don’t get all twisted up; doing the chores shows you care

Reservoir Dad urges men to adapt and to listen to make more intimacy and to get more sex

Reservoir Dad has been known to lay it all out in his quest for truth, meaning and comedy. For instance, after having his fourth son, he filmed his vasectomy live, keeping everything above the neck, fortunately. We ran the Australian’s guide to domestic bliss with sex and now we’d like to share comments on that piece, and a video from the dad down under. If you have any tips on marital sexual bliss despite having kids, please share.

“We must strive to remove as many obstacles as possible from the lives of our wives so that their lighthouse can illuminate their world and reveal us, again, in all our natural sexiness.”—Reservoir Dad.

“The wife ends up not respecting her husband, because he rolls over and does whatever she asks. And I’m hearing this from the wives as well as the husbands. The wives I talk to don’t want a servant, they want a leader.”—Jay Dee,

“If you want to improve your relationship (including sex) you need to identify your wife’s love language and speak it constantly. For some it is acts of service like helping out around the house, others it is verbal (being told they are loved), and others it is physical (back rub, holding hands, being near).”—Sarah

“I’m with RD all the way on this one. If my husband sat on the couch grunting like a caveman and trying to dominate me his chances of sex would be zero.”—Kristi

—photo by Mikamatto/Flickr

—video first appeared on Reservoir Dad

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