Who Am I? How Did I Get Here?

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Dads & Families has a new editor, but you should still read the site. Meet Whit Honea and take a look through the dad lens. No refunds.


My name is Whit Honea (Honea sounds like “pony”), and I am the new editor of the Dads & Families section of The Good Men Project. You don’t have to click anything, this is the right spot. Yes, it’s that easy.

Please note: The previous editor, Mr. Robert Duffer is alive and well—he just has greener fish to fry (or something like that), and the gumption to do so. And who doesn’t love gumption?

To Robert I offer my sincere thanks and all the well-wishes he can carry. Have a great summer!

Perhaps you find yourself wondering who I am. I get that a lot. Generally, I tend to respond with a bunch of quotes on existentialism and possibly some charming anecdotes, but under the circumstances it’s a fair question (don’t worry, I’ll share anecdotes later).

As I said, my name is Whit Honea, and I am a writer, editor, and producer, not to mention a fairly modest Renaissance man. I also write at Babble, GeekDad, DadCentric, the Huffington Post, The Disney Blog, and my own site Honea Express. There is an even longer list of places where I used to contribute, but linking stuff is boring.

I have a book coming out in January called The Parents’ Phrase Book that makes me sound like I’m some sort of parenting know-it-all and I’m hardly always like that.

My wife and I live in the greater Los Angeles area with our two sons and two dogs. It’s like a dysfunctional ark, but with more unicorns.

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There are a number of reasons that I accepted this position, but the most important one is to wax the word fatherhood like so many backs. Fatherhood is changing, for the better, and people need to know. The Internet makes a wonderful soapbox.

As with any changing of the guard there will likely be some tweaks to the Dads & Families section, and I am very excited to share some of our ideas with you. For instance, we now offer free parking.

Also, we will continue to focus on a wide variety of issues that matter to modern dads via a socially responsible and progressive platform. I am a firm believer that the world doesn’t need a new manifesto every 30 minutes, but it could always use a good cause—and what better cause than striving to be the best father, nay, dare I say parent, that one can be. There are a lot of winners there. And the children.

But we can’t do it without you. The Good Men Project prides itself, rightfully so, on providing the conversations that no one else is having, and it takes two to tango.

Talk to us, we are listening (legally).

In closing,  I would like to thank you for your time and your future attentions. There are bound to be intriguing conversations to come, and I invite you to take part in them.



About Whit Honea

Whit Honea is the editor of the Dads & Families section on The Good Men Project. His book, "The Parents' Phrase Book" is now available from Adams Media. He currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area with his wonderful wife, two amazing sons, and a couple of silly dogs. His personal blog is called Honea Express, because Honea sounds like pony, which is actually quite clever when you think about it.


  1. Wishing you great success dude!

  2. Congratulations, Whit! I think you are a master at “intriguing conversations,” so this will be a great fit for you!

  3. Welcome Whit! I can’t think of a magazine online or off that couldn’t benefit from some extra wit, nor can I think of a comment that couldn’t do with a lot more pun. We’re glad you are here and excited to see the direction you take the Dad/Families section.

    Best of luck, Robert! You’ll always be my first publisher and the guy who officially paid me (in beer) for writing. You will be missed.


  4. I wish good fortune for Robert and look forward to conversating with you, Mr. Honea.

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