Why Bring Children Into Such A World? On Hope, Love, and Parenting.

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About James Austin

James Austin (SeattleDad) is the author of the Dad Blog 'Luke, I am Your Father', (http://liayf.blogspot.com) which turned 5 this month.  When not spending his free time with his wife Mrs. LIAYF, 5-year-old son Lukas, and 3-month-old daughter Annabelle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, James works full time outside the home. He is also currently conducting an important study focusing on the long term effects of sleep deprivatation on new fathers over 40. Results will be published on his blog.


  1. I appreciate your sentiments James. I saw some similiar “this world is too evil to have children” rants on FB following Newtown. In my opinion children are the trump card this world holds to evolving to something better. My five year old is FAR MORE advanced than I was at his age (and I’m not saying that boastfully); I’m constantly in awe of how he breaks down the world and synthesizes the experience.
    I wish you the best as you navigate your children through the spring of their lives; we parents need as much support as we can get. :0)

    • Thanks, we sure can. And I have a 5 year old who does the same. It’s an amazing thing to watch, and impossible not to take away from it the sense that he will make a positive mark on this world.

  2. Children restore in us the wonder needed to care for our world. Other things inspire wonder, but none so consistently as the eyes of a child.

    • It’s sad to see people who have lost this sense of wonder. As I tried to convey, this is almost impossible as a parent. After all, we get to see it first hand on a daily basis.

  3. I agree most people in this world are good but for the % who are not , particularly in my advocacy which is the sexual abuse prevention of children, we have a duty of care, as parents ,to educate our kids in all areas of safety and that includes ‘body safety’. Sadly, many parents I encounter are so delighted with their children (and rightly so) they turn the other way when it comes to body safety. Sorry to turn the conversation around but for some kids it is not all laughter, light and wonder.

  4. Agreed. Things have gotten better every year, but ease communication and our increased ability to change the world, makes the world seem more and more in need of changing.

    Thanks for the positivity.


  5. I think it is barbaric to bring kids into this world. This is a slaughterhouse, not a decent place.

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