Why Dads Should Take Paternity Leave

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Michael is a digital content creator, who has been doing the blogging thing for almost a decade. He loves to write about sports, entertainment and now, his sons and the adventures of being a parent. He is a father of two, husband to one and Big Green Egg enthusiast who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. You can read all about his dad adventures on his blog, Like a Dad.


  1. Tom Williams says:

    Makes lots of great points. I wish I was able to take more paternity leave. My company, while a large global company, only offers 5 days. I took them all, with the birth of my youngest. The company I was with when my twins were born 2 years prior, gave me 3 days.

  2. Loved your post, totally agree about there being no reason to feel guilty about going on paternity leave. I’ve recently done a couple of blog posts on this issue myself and the more I read about paternity leave, the luckier I feel to have been able to take two weeks of paternity leave here in the UK. Our system regarding paternity and maternity leave isn’t perfect and we could learn a lot from Scandinavia, but it really made such a difference being able to have those two weeks.

  3. My second is due any day now. My company gives me two weeks of paid paternity leave, all of which I’m taking. I’d like to take more but I’d have to go on short-term disability at 66% of my pay. And as the primary breadwinner, that’s just not a possibility.

    Sometimes there are responsibilities we must meet for the good our families. It’s not ideal and it’s certainly not how I’d do it if I had my druthers. But I don’t. My wife is out of work due to medical conditions (beyond pregnancy) and I’m not about to rush her back before she’s ready just so I can stay home. Basically, shit happens and you just have to suck it up.

    I agree more dads should consider paternity leave. But in calling for more of it and more awareness of it, let’s not inadvertently make the dads who are willing but unable feel guilty.

  4. Just got wind of this, going viral the same day: the importance of paternal leave from an employee at Facebook. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/10/tom-stocky-paternity-leave_n_3574998.html (thanks, Fodder 4 Fathers)

  5. Not buying it says:

    Way does it feel it has nothing to do with the time I spend with my child & more like an agenda to enforce equality of outcome, in the gender war on going, hmmm, I never heard or seen the same concern about father’s who are yearning for access to their off spring after divorce court rulings.

  6. Great article.

    My son is now 16. I took 6 months of paternity leave when he was born. I worked for Citigroup at the time. It was one of the few American cos that offered paternity leave. Perhaps due to its global nature.

    I was an experience I will never forget. My son and I are very very close. I got to feed him, change his diapers, experience the nigh-time feedings, take him to doctors visits. I was a lot of work but so emotionally rewarding to me. Just yesterday I was looking at him and saying in my mind, “this is the little 6 pound 12 oz baby that I cared for and gave his first bottle”

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