This Is What Happens When a Dad Advocates For His Daughter

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  1. Wow! Do you look just like your Mother or what! (I mean, it looks like you’re holding a baby in that picture) Seriously, I can only imagine the gut wrenching turmoil going on inside your Mom and Dad while going through this as I’ve been in the position to make similar (though not nearly as critical) decisions on my children growing up. You didn’t posses the knowledge and the best I could do really go with your ‘Gut’ . The one thing that always helped me decide was whether the doctor looked at the kids as a patient or a child. In other words as HIS (or Her) child. Now was I sit around with my children and their husbands , one’s an R.N., she’s married to a flight Paramedic, The other’s an Ortho P.A. and she’s married to a strength and conditioning coach with a Masters in Health science. When they start talking ‘shop and throwing out medical terms , they lose me. But they did tell me I was right to go the way I did. Don’t automatically assume every doctor is always right. (In fact, my oldest has a T-shirt that reads “Be kind to nurses, We keep doctors from accidentally killing you”)

  2. Kathryn DeHoyos says:

    WOW! Your parents are amazing!

    And yes, you look just like your mom!

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